Please enjoy the clips above, they are from last night's concert in Boston. I found them on youtube.

Per the norm, Justin was effing amazing. The man is just brilliantly talented...and no one can fight that fact.

The night started out with a bunch of us meeting at The Four's in Boston. Julie, Kim, Maggie, Patsy, and Kerry decided that we would miss Good Charlotte and go into the Garden a little later. When we did make it over there, I have to admit...our seats were pretty damn great. The fact that I could see the white of Justin's teeth when he smiled was cause enough to make me smile too:) Kim and Julie hadn't seen Mr. Timberlake before, and I believe they were entertained. Actually, I liken Kimberly first seeing Justin live to what my idea of a church revival event is like. There was a lot of yelling, screaming, hands being thrown in the air, hands in prayer, and the phrase "Oh God" was used quite liberally. Like most of the concert, we were seated in a "skank" section. In fact, there were two girls scantily clad two rows in front of us who turned out to be comic fodder for most of our section. They were hammered, and made no secret of it. Our section was on the stairs-so they thought it would be "fun" to dance like maniacs in the aisle in 6 inch spiked heels. Can you guess what was going to happen? The girls in front of us had cameras poised not just for Justin's loveliness...but I'm sure for the next viral video on youtube! When one of the jackass drunkard's finally one could hold back the laughter. Then it got strangely quiet enough for Patsy to yell "LOSER!" and get all the section laughing again. Little Miss Stupid Heels sat in her seat mortified, as her "friend" rushed to the souvenir stand for some "SexyBack" short shorts. I know this happened because she showed everyone when she got back to the seat...waving them around in the air and giving the finger. Very classy. I'm glad she invested the 45 bones in the shorts though, it will be a sweet story for her grandchildren someday. Perhaps, she might even pass on those SexyBack shorts to one of those grandchildren...a memento of her blissful youth. Although, no matter how much she thinks she has the SexyBack...she's never going to get her dignity back.

I am glad I got to see this show in Boston. First of all, it's always nice to see Mr. Timberlake. He's a lovely gentleman. :) Secondly, the venue of the Garden obviously is so much larger than the Verizon in Manch-vegas. Like, at the end of the Manch show the crowds were just filing out and when JT came back for his encore and brought up the house lights there were a LOT less people there than when he left. Silly. To me it's like leaving in the 8th inning of a Red Sox game.
A) It's just rude.
2) It's a waste of the $ you spent to partake in the entertainment goodness.
D) You never know what's going to happen...just ride it came this far didn't you?

So of course, being in Boston, not only are there a LOT more fans to pay proper homage...but they are a LOT louder too. At Manch it was almost hard to hear because the audience was so quiet and the sound was too loud for that. Last night it was very easy to understand and hear the sweet, dulcet, merry, tones of JT. Sigh. I miss him already!! I can't pick a favorite song from last night because everything was perfect...but I think it might have been Summer Love....or Rock Your Body...or What Goes Around...see...I just can't decide!

I'm also glad I went with the people I did. I have not been to a concert with Kerry and Patsy since the New Jersey Adventure! Sadly, neither Tony Lucca or Joey Fatone's Dad were there last night-then it really would have been a reunion! Not so sadly, there still aren't White Castle's anywhere near Boston...and trust me...that is a good thing for us ALL! Julie being there was awesome too, because I know she appreciates JT...and also for the first time in the (OMG...this is my 10th time seeing JT in concert!! Haaaaa!!) 10 times I've seen him...I wasn't the oldest one in the bunch:) Having Kim there was fantastic brought back memories of going to see New Kids at the Worcester Centrum too many years ago! The only thing about going to a concert with so many people is sitting in the one row-obviously you don't get to spend enough time with the Maggie and Katie:( We've had our moments though-so it was good we could share our joy with the newbies!! And for crying out loud, Lord knows I'm not stopping at 10...there will be many more years of *Nsync-Stalking to come!!

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At 10:33 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

awesome blog. Tonight, as we were closing up the Apple Store, I went up to one of the huge iMacs, which is connected to a ballsy pair of speakers, and tuned iTunes onto "Sexyback." It was just what we needed after a long day. Fun, fun, fun as we cleaned the Apple Store bopping around to Justin Timberlake.


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