Dead Last...

To some it might be a place of honor and distinction...but not for me!! Currently, my rank is dead last on the XSHOT contest over at yonder BenSpark blog! Whaaat?!?! I returned from my vacation to be dismayed and forlorn as only 1 person had given me a pity vote!! So sad!! Haa! I've discovered that either the person gave me a repeat pity vote-or someone else found the kindness in their heart to vote for me at least ONE other time!!

So right now I'm just askin'...please vote for me!! I know I don't have a shot at winning considering voting ends Friday...but my new goal is to not be last!! Tell your friends to vote for me-vote for me on different computers-vote for me everyday until would be swell and I'd do it for you!! :)



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At 12:37 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Hey Reesie,

You can't win 'em all! But you're such a freakin' winner anyway, so no worries.
Thanks for calling the other day. Glad your vacation was fun. Too bad you're back at work!!
My Mac is Back, so my blog is back in business.

At 9:44 AM, Blogger sarah said...

Hey Maureen - canceled my myspace account (long story - for the details email me). Anyway, wanted to give you my proper email so we can stay in touch - sarahla at yahoo dot com.

write soon...



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