Drew Winned!!!

Drewbie, of The Benspark Fame, won a photography contest at fuelmyblog!! Although, not for the photo above...for this one...of the dragonfly! The photo above is his Photo o' the Day...and I like it for it's pretty colors. I'm in a simple childish humor me!
I like this picture mostly because it reminds me of a better time...when the world was innocent and lovely...and Gilmore Girls was still on Tuesday nights!!! Get it...Dragonfly Inn...Gilmore Girls. It's still such a fresh wound to me! Regardless of my loss of Tuesday night entertainment...Drewbie is a "winnah" and should be heralded as such!! Congrats, pal!!

I know what you are're still concerned about my Tuesday night activities considering GG is a fading memory. Well, it's not fading to me...GG will live on my heart and my DVD collection!! Sad.

So anyway, tonight I went to see Stardust. I'm all about fairy tales and it was perfect for me to see. Well, it far surpassed even my hopeful expectations. In all truth, I went because I have a weird little crush on Ricky Gervais. I know...but it's not for anything but his brain. Boyfriend is a brilliant comedic mind so pretty much anytime I can see him I'll go and "have a laugh." Amazingly enough, Robert DeNiro made me laugh harder than anyone else in the movie. Well, at first I had quite the chuckle at Michelle Pfeiffer's dreadful British accent...but Bobby D won out in the end. When the critics say that he'll surprise you...believe it!! After a summer of sequels and "highly anticipated" but really just waste of time movies...this one was a very pleasant turn of events. I'm glad that I went for my own selfish purposes...because it turns out that it's my favorite movie of the summer. I hope the buzz gets going a little more...I think it could be as popular as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" if enough people take the opportunity to not miss this film. But that's my silly little opinion:) I just wish I could turn back time and find a way to get Michelle Pfeiffer to pass on the movie...or at least work with a proper accent coach.


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous Drew said...

Thanks so much for the write up Mo.

I just posted about the next contest that I am a part of. It is for the Super Bowl Ad contest. Voting for me in this competition I will make all of your wildest dreams come true, and then draw a picture of you. Sweet. :-)

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Kukuh said...

;) of course Mo..I will digg your blog and make a chaos there..he he just kidd...yaa Drew started another contest..but I haven't join it. Have you? Shall we start another fight and battle LOL

At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Lisa said...

I didn't know that this movie even came out. Thanks for the great review!


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