It's frigging freezing!

That's it, that' s really all I wanted to say. I'm sure you know it...but it's true. I am not looking forward to another winter here in the Northeast. That being said, this has to be my last one. I think it will be nice to the summer...but I'm done now. I'm beginning the process and I figure you should hear it from me first. I want to wear short sleeve shirts and at the most, a light sweater. I'm sick of dressing in layers. It's exhausting. I'm tired. I'm pretty sure I just packed up all my "winter gear" anyway! Meanwhile, I just dropped off my winter coat at the dry cleaners...and I want it back because I'm so frigging cold!! I want to wear flip flops and not even think about socks.

I'm off. I'm going to build a fire in the living room with junk mail and pictures of my summer vacation. I can't have even the hint of the memory because it makes me loathe the frigid climate even more.

Oh bother.

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