My 15 minutes...

And it only took me 3 days to discover! Ha! I realize that some of you are not "Lost" freaks as I am. Even more so I realize that you probably don't read message boards relating to the I do. However, there are really only 2 that I frequent...the discussions at The Benspark Forum, and the weekly discussions on Pop Candy. So, my story is thus...I have been laid up all week from some virus that is circulating. I have coughed so much that I feel like someone has bashed in my chest and set fire to my throat. And some of you would be pleased to know that I also have laryngitis...when I do try to talk I sound like a cartoon character. My lack of vocal stability caused me to have to go back and forth to the pharmacy 4 times yesterday because the lady at the counter couldn't understand my insurance plan. I had to come home and print it out for her. I'm not even kidding. Then she said that I should have just showed her my card in the first place...which I had. Easy for her because I didn't have the will to argue with her nonsense. Now, to give you an example of the level of my sickness...not only did I not watch the Red Sox get brutalized by the Blue Jays, but I didn't watch American Idol either. Hold on to your hats folks...Gilmore Girls was all new...but I didn't see it until today. Do you get me now?

I, I haven't spent any time on the computer...which means that until today...I didn't see that one of my comments from last week's "Lost Discussion" on Pop Candy was highlighted in Whitney's "Lost in a flash" blog post! I think this officially makes me a geek...but it's fun nonetheless:) Of course last week's episode was chock full o'Desmond...a character I have no love for. He just aggravates me...if you watch the have to understand why! So here is my comment...and again...forgive me if you don't watch the show...but you I shouldn't be begging forgiveness!

2. Mot412 wrote:
Oh "Brother."
Has anyone ever noticed that Desmond and Juliette have been on the Island about the same amount of time...3 years?

Yup...I got the number 2 comment...but only because I think it posted pretty quick on the discussion. For all the "losties" out there-it makes you wonder, doesn't it? Someone made a comment as to why this had significance...and truthfully...I don't know...I just thought it was an interesting observation that I interestingly observed. Give me a break!! There is a new episode on tonight...just in case you are interested.

Hopefully I'll get back to posting more frequently, forgive me for the brevity of this post...but I'm a sick woman! (Don't think I don't know you are snickering!)

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A sad day...

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There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.
Washington Irving (1783 - 1859)

In Memory, a prayer for Peace and Healing to all those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy.

Yes, I'll give you my autograph...

But it might cost you. I'm officially famous now, well, kind of. I told you yesterday that I submitted some photos to the local NBC affiliate, WCSH 6. I noticed today that they added them to one of their slideshows about the Patriot's Day Storm. Alright, I didn't so much "notice" as I went searching for them...but it's still exciting just the same! If you care to see them on the site you can click here and they are on slideshow #3, slides 10-14. My pictures were taken as the storm was happening, but as you will see, a lot of the other photos are from the damage that was caused by the storm. Some of the pictures are just amazing. Mama Nature has a PPA right now ("Piss Poor Attitude")!!

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Rain Delay

I'm at home today. Not because Maine celebrates Patriots Day, but because we had no power at the college so it closed.

I came home and picked up Peggy for a little field trip around York. I heard a lady call into the radio that said "Don't go out to the beaches because you think it's exciting. It's dangerous, and hurt people are the last thing the rescue teams and police need to be dealing with." However, I am a dedicated journalist, and to be true to the integrity of the piece I wanted to present to you, the adoring blog fans of the "We're in a Fight," I had to say "p'shaw" to the warnings of danger and such. And to be honest, it was way too cool a sight to just turn away from!

I drove to the beach via the Harbor. And before I proceed I asked Peggy if she wanted to go home, but she refused. She was up for the challenge, and actually tried to get me to stay out longer than we did! Rebel, thy name is Margaret! Ha! So, we drove by the Harbor beach where there is a small inlet from the main road. I didn't drive down as it was covered in rocks, giant, black rocks. Plus there were idiots actually driving over them in smaller cars than Diego, so rather than mess with the not smart...I proceeded on. Turning the corner, there is a gap that overlooks the ocean where tourists frequently take photos. Several of them were there snapping shots. It was the first view of the water I had seen and I was absolutely amazed. The churning waves were breathtakingly huge. So much so, that the displaced mud sand was visible in the waves. The ocean formed like a giant mouth, gasping for air. That's really the only way to describe it-it was like the water was actually breathing, struggling for oxygen. We proceeded to the Long Beach, but were re-routed by orange cones and police tape. Upon further investigation, the entirety of Long Sands Beach was shut down. Not a back road could be broken through. I was going to park my car and walk, but not with Peggy in tow. It's one thing if I get hurt, it's another if she does. Somehow, we made it to Short Sands Beach. That was even more shocking than the peek we got at the Harbor. Of course that beach was shut off from automobile access as well, but they had not shut down an inlet that was on a hill of rocks. Several cars had gathered there and I was able to get a few shots before the York FD came barrelling down the road to chastize me, and tell me I had to move. Sure, buddy...I'll be on my way. I was done taking pictures there anyway, and the water was ridiculously too close. Again, having Peggy with me, I couldn't stay there.

So, we went down yet another back road to Nubble Light. I was very surprised that it wasn't shut down. Regardless of the fact that it's on a hill, the water from the waves was literally level with the parking lot. I couldn't get out of the car, the waves were hitting very close, and the wind was so strong that I thought I would topple over. So, I do have some pictures, but they are from inside my vehicle. The line was noble endeavor of journalistic integrity flew out the window in the massive wind storm. Oh well, I can't say that I didn't try. So without further are some photos I took this morning. I went on a "post storm tour" and the town did a pretty good job of cleaning up. I was on the phone, so there are no update pictures...but I'll go out tomorrow and see what I can do for all of you. The infamous "Garfield's" was riddled with mud...which isn't surprising considering the smut they sell there!

I've also submitted some of my photos for the slide show on WCSH, the local NBC news affiliate. If I see that they are posted, I'll let you know.

Ellis Park aka "Short Sands Beach"

Another view of Short Sands...not that you can see any sand...

The waves hitting the rocks to the right side of Nubble Light.

Nubble Light, from within the car. Check out the waves and the foam!

The "Wiggly Bridge" in the Harbor...submerged in the River.

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A new addition...

To the blog!!!

I don't know why I haven't done this before, but you should notice a link on the sidebar of my blog that will get you to Drewbie's Photo-A-Day project. He's been chugging along on it for over 2 years now, and that's an awesome commitment! So I am one of the many now that are smart enough to host the photo a day. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I just can't commit. I hate letting my blogging public I can't make promises I can't keep. :) So look for this little bugger under "the list" as a permanent addition to the "We're in a Fight." Peruse, and enjoy!

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I's a little Early...but I'm leaving for the weekend and won't have time to wish you all a safe, and Blessed Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you:)



Have mercy...

I didn't want to post about Sanjaya...but I felt compelled to post this picture. I think it sums up how I feel.

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Seriously, please stop voting for this chump! This season has just been brutal because of him, and last night when he told Simon: "Welcome to the Universe of Sanjaya," well that was my breaking point. I can't live in a universe where Sanjaya is king...I may have to boycott the show altogether. Fingers crossed that a few moments from now Ryan will be telling San-boy to pack his bags. Yeah, that won't happen...I just don't want to have to see this again....

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