Sunshine...lollipops...and a Big Box of Awesome!

I heard about a contest that a "not famous blogger" is sponsoring...and I got curious. Here's the premise...remember the "grab bags?" They were generally brown, paper bags with some mystery gift inside. Drewbie's gonna give away a grab BOX. A grab Box of Awesome!! When I heard this I immediately had memories of picking up the bags...weighing them...holding them...trying to see which one would have the best mystery prize. I ended up with more roach clips than you can imagine...I don't think the lady that was selling them knew what they were. We wore them in our hair like Mr. T...but that's a story for another day. Back to the Box of Awesome!! So, I said to myself..."self, you MUST know what's inside!! You can't wait to see who wins it and what will be revealed!! Go then, and seek your plentiful fortune!!" (I live alone and sometimes, after 2 nights of the intrusion alarm going 2 am...waking you from a blissful necessary sleep...sometimes talking to yourself is ok. Don't judge me!!)

So, I took my own advice...and thanked goodness the gas prices are so low right now. I hopped in Diego and we took a road trip north. We saw several things, at very high speeds, because I had to get back here and write this post. I would have taken pictures...but seriously...I drove fast. So, using my excellent sleuthing skills, I tracked down the Legendary Box of Awesome.

My friends, it was amazing. You wouldn't believe the joy it will bring some lucky winner! Not know how in Indiana Jones, when they open the Lost Ark...and it's all glowy...and then melts everyone's faces off? It was like that...sans the melting faces. Man, if that happened...Drewbie and I would be in a F. I. G. H. T. I spend way too much money on my makeup to not be able to use it! So anyway, (can you tell I haven't slept in almost 48 hours? A good Doctor I would not make) I opened the box and this is what I found...

CAN YOU STAND IT??? IT'S A COLLAPSIBLE FLYER!!! WITH A POUCH!!!! And that's only ONE of the fantastic treasures within the Legendary Box of Awesome!!!

I could barely contain my excitement, and I know you wouldn't have been able to either!! So as I was screeching with glee...I was confronted by two feline critters. They were all "what are you doing here?" And I was all "I'm looking in the box!! Do you mind?" And they were all "Uh, ya...we DO!! We're the Sacred Guardian's of the Legendary Box of Awesome and while we are stunned and jealous of your excellent sleuthing skills...we have mad cage fighting skills...mostly because we have claws. So lady, if you don't step off...we're gonna have to take you down." I concurred that they had the advantage...and the claws...come on people...we already talked about the makeup wouldn't have been alright with me. And I heard them Diego and I drove out of sight..."Yeah, you better run...recognize! Oh! And tell your friends to enter the contest to WIN the Box of Awesome at The Benspark...or else!"

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