Random thought of the day...

There is so much going on in the world and the one question that has haunted me for days...well, when the heck is Jennifer Garner having little girl Affleck?? Seriously, has she been pregnant for years now or what?? She was on Ellen a few months ago and I thought she was going to start lamaze any second. I'm positive I'm the only one who cares about this...I'm admittedly ridiculous...but I'm selfish because I just want Alias to be a better show and the whole time she's been pregnant and Vaughn is dead...the show blows. I hate this little blonde protege she's training, I hate that Vaughn is dead (have I not mentioned that before?), I hate that Weiss is gone (though I think he's secretly taking care of Vaughn who better not really be dead), I wasn't a huge fan of Nadia...but this coma thing is really old. It's getting to the point where even Marshall is driving me crazy...that's never happened to me before. Nothing progresses on this show this season. I know, I said this all last year around this time and the comments came back to bite me...but at least I was rewarded for sitting through hours of waiting. The only thing right now that I'm looking forward to is Sark making a return-though I'm sure he won't last long. It's my own fault for getting sucked in that New Year's day when the marathon of the first few episodes ran on the Family Channel...I realize that. But other people have been effected by my Fandom of Alias...I've talked it up incessantly for years and even managed to convert some nay sayers. Don't let me down Alias, I'm begging you. Jennifer...have the frickin baby before Nick and Jessica make a reunion special that will steal your time slot and GET BACK TO WORK!!


The good news: Allegedly Jen heard me and had the baby (Violet Ann) early this morning.
The awful news: ABC has officially (sigh) cancelled Alias. It will finish it's season in May. Total gip. J.J. Abrams is too busy dealing with stupid TomKat and Mission Impossible 3 to write any episodes. Dick. Vaughn better come back.

There's a new blog in town...

And it's looking good!!! Great, now I have the theme song to Alice stuck in my head...why I would be able to dig up the theme song is beyond me...especially seeing as there are really no good theme songs left. T.V. in the eighties was such a good time for theme songs. Allegedly now television shows don't use many theme songs because they can get more of the program in. Whatever, that's another pest...and I'm digressing!!

So my cousin Nancy has decided to go the blog route...and can be found at . She's hilarious, and uses her blog to express herself with rants about things that are important to her. That's what blogging is all about, right? I'm enjoying her writing immensely and thought I would pass the joy on to all of my fans ( delusions of grandeur get stronger every day!!). Plus she talks about me sometimes-and not one of you can deny that you don't love reading about me...if you didn't you wouldn't be reading this right now!!

Go read her it now...come know you want to...


Slen's Dot Hogs

Here's a little history lesson on Mo for all of you to enjoy...

When I celebrated the summer of my 10th year, my cousins Lauren and Nancy came to the house to visit. Peggy was a baby and they were there to "lend a hand." This is a monumental time in the Tarpey household that will never be forgotten, or lived down. So many absolutely ridiculous things happened that it would literally take a book to tell about them. I've often thought of writing one, but even now just trying to introduce this story I am having memories that push me into fits of laughter...that book might take twenty years to write and I would have to wear Depends for the entire writing process. That being said, my cousins are a constant source of comedy for me...they drive me to be creative because essentially I just wanted to be like them. Just days ago I got a phone call from Lauren talking about a random encounter with Meredith Baxter Birney in the "Pirate's Booty" aisle of the Whole Foods Market in Cambridge. It's these happy accidents that give us material to find joy...or to enjoy a laugh at Elyse Keaton's expense.

At any rate, my original happy memory was sparked by my insanely long commute to work in the morning. A few months ago I drove by this ramshackle building that literally looks like a card house. Someone has assembled plywood and put it together all shodden and just sad and now, get ready, operates a business out of it. Allegedly they can "Fixx" anything. That's awesome...start by "fixxing" your issue with spelling...then move on to fixing your roof...then we can have a chat about me giving you my business. At any rate, this individual has one of those legendary signs out front, kind of like the movie theater where small businesses can advertise specials and post different messages. One of the church's by Saint A's used to have one with different religious messages, one of my favorites was "You think you got it bad? HE died on a cross!" This is not an exaggeration...I was in the car with a friend when we saw it and she had to pull over because we were laughing so hard. At any rate, I noticed this sign a few months ago, with the message "Southern Maine ORRL Sucks." Immediately recalling that infamous summer when my cousins came to help destroy York. In the village (or "The Ville" as we have come to call it) there is a tiny movie theater we used to frequent with some small businesses outside of it. Just understand, we're barely teenagers, we're in York where all you can do is shop or visit the Colonial Houses (which is another story in an of itself), and we're bored and looking for more than a trolley ride to entertain us. One of the businesses is a little food stand called "Len's Hot Dogs." It has one of those signs I mentioned earlier, but smaller as it's the menu board. One day standing in line to purchase tickets, probably for Back To the Future or E.T., one of my cousin's asks me if I ever had "one of these?" Her hand, I notice, is pointing to the sign that now advertises a featured menu of "dot hogs" and "crap on a stick." Eventually the name of the stand was "Slen's Dot Hogs," unsuspecting tourists thought it was some new cuisine they could try only here in York. This action, of course, became a ritual every time we went to the movies until the owner finally caught on and brought the menu board inside. What a shame. It was not long after that "Slen's" lost it's appeal and went out of business. I've heard word that he re-located to Venice Beach and opened a dot hog stand, but he lost business by calling them hot dogs. Too bad, so sad.

Now, this morning I was driving by the "Fixx it" shop and saw the sign again, "Southern Maine ORRL Sucks." Honestly, when I first saw it months ago I was convinced that some "up to no good bored kids" had messed with Mr. Fixx-it's sign, but apparently I was wrong and Mr. Fixx it has a message for all of Windham about Maine Oral. And as troubled as I am that the message is still haunting the side of the road, as disturbed as I am that the proprietor still cannot spell, as confused as I am about the double entendre the message sends...I couldn't help but smile while the memories of Slen's came forth this morning.


So pitiful...

Yesterday was so much fun, but then I got sick and had to cut it short!! I didn't even get to see my dad's family!! I'll make up for it...I'd rather not get them sick though!!

I have great pictures of the phenominon that is "Thanksgiving at Nana's Condo." I'll put them up after the weekend to share. Know this...there were at least 5 more people than originally estimated, my poor cousin Scottie ended up standing the whole dinner!!

I'm off to Newport for the weekend, a little R&R before work gets so crazy!! I'll have pictures of this weekend too!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope it was a lot less eventful (and embarrassing) than mine!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

I don't have much time, but wanted to wish everyone a very happy, and safe Thanksgiving!! I'll be back this evening to tell you all how I cheated death this morning. Just know involved me half asleep (ie multitasking by attempting to clean and blowdrying my hair at the same dumb!!)

Be happy!!


Who will be the next GM...Apprentice Style

Have you seen this? If you are using my links then you have...Boston Dirt Dogs are playing the Red Sox GM game Apprentice Style. There are 16 candidates to take over, and they are being "voted out of Fenway" one by one. Today's submission regarding Jimmy Fallon declining the spot was particularly comical...and had a great picture of him with Nomar from an SNL skit. Speaking of my old friend, his fake wife Yoko, oops, I mean Mia was on Extreme Home Makeover last night trying to steal Curt Schilling's thunder. She can't.

By the way, I love "The Onion." While I realize it's completely fictional-I love it for this article:) It's a reason to give thanks this Thursday.



There is no real reason for this post other than I wanted to share with you all this picture I took last year. I just did my post for Drewbie's Photo-A-Day project (I got to help out a day while he's on his honeymoon) and when going through my pictures I found these from last Christmas. They kind of make me sad because I'm not enjoying ANY heat right now...but at least I can look at this sunset and wish I was there. Believe it or not there were dolphins there too-they were just too quick for the stupid digital camera. Sorry Kip Dynamite, but sometimes I hate technology.

At any rate, this is a shot from Indian Rocks Beach in Florida, near Tampa and Clearwater. When I was little my family would go and rent cottages with my Dad's cousin Sam and his family and stay for a week or so. We always had so much fun, and for second and third cousins we have all remained very close. In fact, Sam's two daughters, Kelly and Erin are in Elizabeth's wedding next summer. I love going to see them, and I'm truly looking forward to someday being able to live in Florida full time. As for now, it's just my version of paradise...


Only in Maine

I really wish I had a camera on me this morning. I went to the bank on a change run, and as I was leaving I literally walked into a guy who looked like he'd been living in the wilderness. He was absolutely filthy from head to toe, and was donning a fur cap that may have just been a dead animal. I'm not quite sure. He reminded me of that Kid's in the Hall skit where the two trappers are canoeing through an office building, surrounded by cubicles, and laying out traps for the people who worked there. They would turn a corner and find a business man or woman stuck in a bear trap...all the while just singing "Frere Jaque." Next thing you know they are "paddling" up to a men's business suit shop (a la George's in Manchester) and their canoe is filled with fine taylored suits. The things you remember when you see one dirty guy in a raccoon cap...


Canvas: A Ditch in the Woods

This post is dedicated to my cousin, Nancy. These photos have been a few weeks in the making, but Mother Nature is always a lady and likes to take her time. I call this selection: "Gourds to Heaven." How poetic, one even smiles at the thought of being returned to the earth. Tear.

So little much blogging!!

Alright people...I'm sorry I've been so lax!!

A.) The trivia topic was way too of my own volition (and the fact I scored a whopping 1 point yesterday!!) it has been changed to The 1980's. Just watch VH-1 for an hour and you'll score a ten:) There are some scary questions...mostly those that have to do with the 1986 World Series (shudder)...but other than that they are pretty harmless.

2.) Oh my God, Gilmore Girls!! First of all the reunion was not what I expected. I'm sorry but after months of torturing the faithful fans with Rory's bad acting and awful bangs (and now they are bringing Sookie in on the bang style...who is the stylist there?? Is it Sebastian Bach's old stylist from the 80's? Oh no, that totally makes sense...he is on the show!! Oh my God....WHY!!!??) they could have given us a little bit more. I was totally reminded of Kermit and Miss Piggy running toward eachother a la dream sequence in Muppets Take Manhattan. Seriously, Rory and Lorelai have been pretty much toxic toward each other since the last season. Is the make up supposed to happen that quick?? In a perfect world, I guess in the imaginary (yes I recognize it's imaginary) world of Stars Hollow it does. I just feel like the season is being rushed through-like the final season of Ed. Don't worry-I won't start on the fact that the series finale to that show was the most ungratifying conclusion to a television series ever. Alright, so that was a we go. You know, I know people think I'm nuts, I fully admit it. I love my it. It's one of those things I can count on about 95% of the time. I don't know a lot of people who don't love TV...watching the game, checking the news...everyone has a favorite show...I just have about a thousand of them. Believe it or not there are people out there who are worse than's a fact. I just don't think that anyone can disagree that if you enjoy a show, and you invest your time in watching it that you should be made to feel like an idiot once it's over. This is no one night stand people...many of you have spent dozens of hours watching television that you enjoy...why should you be let down? As soon as rumors of cancellation start to's like the writers give up completely. Shouldn't that be the point when you pull out your best work...the stuff you've been saving for a rainy day? No, you pull out the cliche happy ending...Ed and Carol get married...Ross and Rachel end up together and Chandler and Monica have twins...Big's name is John and he saves Carrie from the mean Russian guy that no one original for crying out loud. Give me, and all the rest of the people who have enjoyed your work for so long and ending that means something. Even the Bible has a better ending, no one can top Jesus though, so I guess that's unfair. But this is your shot, so if the show can't be saved and you have to work on your resume at least you'll be noted for having some balls at the end of the day. Christ, I can't wait to see what they come up with for the ending of The Soprano's...(and if Adriana rises from the dead and walks off into the sunset with Christopher I know you're just plaigarizing the Bible...don't do that).

D.) My trip to Killington was successful. I had a great roommate, and the hotel was pretty nice. The traffic sucked on the way home though and I ended up being on the road for 5 hours rather than 3. Awesome. but all in all things went ok...and I don't have to travel again until the Thanksgiving Pilgrammage of 2005 next week...but I'll save that for another post. Also, I'm "guest blogging" on Drewbie's site this week whilst he's on the honeymoon. Check it out if you get a chance:)


I should be sleeping...

This was a very busy weekend, and the next week will be no exception for Mo!!

First of all, Allison and Drew's wedding was phenominal. I had such a wonderful time, I felt so welcome by both of their families. From start to finish the event was nothing less than a class act. They added touches from different weddings they had attended together and it was definitley personal and memorable for the guests...this one anyway!! I have to admit that most of the time I was doing "recon" for Mary (Holy Mary mother of the bride) for my sister's nuptuals next summer. It's awful, I have to make sure I get "samples" of things like the invitations, napkins, programs...all the little wedding tchotchkies. I feel like an old lady stuffing things in my bag!! Everything at this wedding was perfect though, it was great to see old friends and spend time with them.

I got home and was exhausted, but Bobby and I went to the movies and saw "Good Night and Good Luck," the story of Edward R. Murrow and his investigations of Senator Joe McCarthy. It was great to go to a movie that I could think about afterward, not that I don't enjoy the cheesy chick flicks and movies that I usually go to with Pegs, but it was amazing to feel like a grown up. The movie was only an hour and a half long, when it ended I felt like it shouldn't be over. Everything was perfect; it's amazing to see how much television has changed, and how much it hasn't. With everything going on in the world right now, from the war, to natural disasters, to gas prices it was refreshing to see newsmen challenging the system to get the truth of the story out. As a girl who tended to get her "news" from Weekend Update on SNL, or by thumbing through People Magazine, I was amazed to find myself captivated by this film. The actors were all familiar faces, but amazingly enough, they weren't the real draw. It's one of those movies you don't mind paying the 9 bucks for, at least I didn't.

I should end now, I have to be up at 5 and leave by 6 for Killington. I'll remember my camera and hopefully get some good shots from the gondola ride.

Nuh nite, babies...


Wedding Weekend...

Hello again:)

This weekend is the wedding of my friend's Drew and Allison. Tonight I attended the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner because I'm reading at the wedding. As I typically do, I got lost and was late. Excellent. Then I got really lost on the way to Maggie's after the dinner. I don't know what it is...but I can pretty much find my way anywhere but tonight North Attleboro got the best of me. My problem is I refuse to ask directions-I just kind of go for as long as I can without running out of gas and I eventually find my I did tonight. (Please note I will be leaving 2 hours early tomorrow to guarantee I don't lose my way again!!) I may have a little issue sleeping as I wasn't thinking and just washed down two Excedrin with Caffeine-FULL Diet Coke. I'm from Maine, so I'm whicked smaht!

Tonight was a lot of fun though, and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

I would also like to wish my friend Kim, my oldest friend in the world, a very happy birthday...even if she is a dick. :) Happy happy!!


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Last month the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition people were in Wells, Maine (the town right next door to mine). This Sunday, November 13, the episode will air on ABC. The "makeover" was done for a lobsterman who lost his arm in a boating accident. He was out on a stormy day and got his arm caught in some machinery, he ended up having to cut off his own arm to get out of it. I know, what episode doesn't give you the warm fuzzies? At any rate, there has been a lot of talk since the episode was taped (I'm sure it's the same in most places...someone gets something someone else didn't...jealousy ensues) that basically word on the street was it was questionable whether the episode would air after some things were discovered about the lobsterman (ie-a criminal act committed over 20 years ago where he allegedly robbed a fast food restaurant, drunk driving, etc). From the article linked above it seems as though a few Mainers (including his ex-wife) all question the selection process and whether he and his family deserved the home and attention. I had heard before the article was published that he wasn't a very kind man...but I have obviously never met him and most likely never will. He's under contractual obligation not to speak on anything until after the show airs this we'll see what happens after that.

I saw the reveal on the local ABC affiliate the day it occurred and the house is pretty amazing. It's a beautiful log cabin with a wrap around porch. He got some other things that happen on the reveal this weekend, so I won't spoil it for the die hards.


Blatant self promotion...

But it may benefit you!! I know some of you out there are fans of the computer games...great way to procrastinate and such (do I know my friends?) my company is sponsoring a contest/game where you can win $10,000 or an Ipod Nano...even if you're an alum of a Follett school. The website is, I've also linked it above. You can read the's free...basically they are just trying to start an email campaign and that might get you coupons in the future for use in your Follett Campus bookstore.

The game is pretty creative, you have to ski down a hill and sometimes there are things obstructing your path that turn out to be kind of the raccoon that attaches to your head if you accidentally go through a bush. It sounds more like a turkey to me...funny...but we all know I'm amused pretty easily.

Have fun:)

Guest "bloggin"

So my friends Drewbie and Allison are getting married this weekend...I can't really believe it's only 5 days away!! Not only have they honored me by asking me to read at the ceremony, but I have also been asked to help out with the infamous BenSpark Blog by picking the trivia topic next week, and helping with the "photo a day" project that they have committed themselves to. I've been thinking about the picture...I'm not quite sure where the camera will lead me. I have a little less than two weeks to think about it...but I'm sure I'll be inspired by something. Suggestions are very welcome...I do have some ideas...none of which involve french onion soup or "donuts"...or do they? ;)

Happy Wedding Week Sparky and Drewbie!!

OOps!! I almost forgot a link to the BenSpark trivia game...and I don't want to be called "lazy" again;) and start blog war III with the Drewbie, I apologize and have corrected it. And now I've linked it twice in one post, so I think I've stuck to the rules of blog courtesy:) Have a happy day:)


New Trivia Topic

New Topic is ready this week...Adam Sandler Movies...fairly easy...

So go play...


What was I thinking?

Here's the thing, I consider myself a pretty decent person. I'll laugh at certain off-color remarks, even if I'm not supposed to. I have a good sense of humor. I don't think that anyone can argue that I'm loyal to my friends, in some cases indescribably loyal. I hate that about myself, because as much as my true friends tell me that I deserve better, for some reason I can shake this need for connection with certain people that have hurt me over and over again. I ran into a guy from high school the other day, I haven't seen him since he graduated in 1990. So fifteen years later, we have a quick reunion and so much has changed in both of our lives. I gave him the obligatory "it was good to see you," he gave me the obligatory "we should get together now that your back in town." Nice of him, but we both know it will never happen...and that's fine. When I got home I started to think about "the good times" we had way back when. Being older (and I think a little wiser), I remembered that the "good times" were few and far between. It was mostly because he was after one of my best friends, and figured "hang out with Mo and get to see so and so more." Awesome. But I refuse to be one of those people who goes on Maury Povich to fight the person who hurt thier feelings years ago. I have to grow up and get over it. But I realize that some of my current so called "friendships" leave me with the feelings much the same as those I had in high school. Some are a little worse because being an adult I realize I've been completely taken advantage of. My real friends are absolutely right, I deserve better. I don't need to make the effort any more, because it's either completely ignored or ridiculed in some way.

You think I didn't know...but I do. Keep blasting me behind my back...keep secrets from me...keep thinking you're better than me. It's really ok to do that because deep down you have to resolve yourself to the FACT that you are just miserable and spiteful, and the only one to blame for that is yourself. Blame me for ridiculous issues you have in your personal life, blame me for things you don't want to take the blame for. Take a good hard look at the person you you really blame me for wanting NOTHING to do with you. I have much better people to focus my energy on. You're probably laughing right probably think I'm being ridiculous...enjoy it because it's the last laugh you'll have at my expense. Any questions? Refer to the title of the blog...I'm done.


I'm currently sitting in my office, way past closing time, because the floors are being cleaned. It's been an odd process today, and I'm not really content with it. Oh well, it gives me the chance to catch up with my adoring public. These chumps were supposed to be here at 4:15 and didn't stroll in till almost 5. Not cool. Toss in the fact that I can't tell if the smell emulating from them is the chemical cleaners or if it's the noxious blend of B.O. and stale cigarette smoke. I'm going with the latter because my buddy just has that filthy look to his fingers. Like he's been digging in coal dust since he was 12, yet he's cleaning something. Strange. I also have to comment on the fact that in trying to have some sort of inane conversation I apparently scared the dude with my feminine whiles as he made sure I knew within 30 seconds of us talking that he had a daughter...sorry pal...this is my dance space...and I'm NOT interested in yours:) Check the ego with your cigarettes.

I'm tired-I've been tired a lot lately. I want to go home, and I'm NOT thrilled with the fact I'll be here for another 2 hours thanks to wonderboy getting here late. I also left my cell phone at home-just not my day.


I will totally admit that I was skeptical when it was revealed 3 years ago that Theo Epstein would be taking the reigns as the GM of my beloved Boston Red Sox. I warmed up to him a little more when I found out that he romanced Schilling during Thanksgiving to get him on the team...actually sat with him for dinner. I was a more than a little upset when the deal went down with Nomar down to the minute of the trading deadline. I swore I could never trust another guy at short, but Orlando Cabrera was in fact the best fit for the job. He was with the team for less than 1/2 a year, and wound up with a ring. In all honesty and fairness, I realize now that deal was Theo putting the personal, final touches on the team that finally brought Red Sox Nation the much anticipated title of World Series Champions in 2004. For a "kid" it was obviously a huge accomplishment, and now it's an bullet point that will be in bold print on a pretty kick ass resume.

Every year Red Sox fans deal with a new roster, no team doesn't go through that. This year was no exception, Curt Schilling stated more than once that the team dynamic wasn't the same. The magic season, (yes the season that really started once Nomar flew to Chicago), was 2004. The magic season was Cabby's crazy high fives, Millar's ridiculous KFC commercials, Schilling's bloody sock, the powerhouse duo of Manny and Big Papi, Pedro sitting under that tree making the Yankees his "daddy"...we knew it wouldn't be the same.

We start this year with the "Battle of the Ball" and lose a great player in Mienkewicz (and no I didn't have to look it up to spell it!!) for Kevin "I'm so OVAH" Millar, get done over by the Queer Eye guys (who will NEVER be forgiven for putting V-Tek in sandals!!), Tito's in the hospital, Pedro's gone and kicking ass with the Mets, We lose D-Lowe to California and his wife loses him to a Fox News reporter, Bellhorn becomes a YANKEE and allegedly stops drinking, Schilling's injury is pushed to the limit and ends up hurting his performance and our chances for a repeat, Bronson Arroyo is too busy doing press for his album, Wakefield is too busy doing Bernie & Phyl commercials, I'm still in the "virtual waiting room" attempting to get tickets, Nomar hurts himself...again..., Johnny "and umm" Damon writes a book, Manny's being Manny...and NO FRIGGING TROPHY for the Red Sox this year! (**I know Nomar has nothing to do with the Sox anymore...but indulge me...I'm still obsessed**) Now Theo's gone...and even though he was the key to the Red Sox being the greatest baseball team in 2004, even though the players respected him...even though nothing I say matters because "I'm just a girl," there's no bringing him back.

Good luck, Theo...I wish you the best...unless you ever work for the Yankees organization...then we're in a fight.

You Can't Win if you Don't Play:)

Oct 05-17 players played during the month.
1. Mo (150 points, 15 wins)

2. Drewbie (125 points, 7 wins)
3. tedkc (116 points, 1 wins)
4. MKO529 (89 points, 1 wins)
5. jelly stick (80 points, 1 wins)
6. vtek33 (64 points, 1 wins)
7. s bristow (58 points, 2 wins)
8. shanaynay (34 points, 1 wins)
9. Jamberlin77 (19 points, 0 wins)
10. alsparky (15 points, 0 wins)

Thanks for playing last month...Let's see if anyone can overtake me as the Reigning Trivtastic Champ!!