I'm currently sitting in my office, way past closing time, because the floors are being cleaned. It's been an odd process today, and I'm not really content with it. Oh well, it gives me the chance to catch up with my adoring public. These chumps were supposed to be here at 4:15 and didn't stroll in till almost 5. Not cool. Toss in the fact that I can't tell if the smell emulating from them is the chemical cleaners or if it's the noxious blend of B.O. and stale cigarette smoke. I'm going with the latter because my buddy just has that filthy look to his fingers. Like he's been digging in coal dust since he was 12, yet he's cleaning something. Strange. I also have to comment on the fact that in trying to have some sort of inane conversation I apparently scared the dude with my feminine whiles as he made sure I knew within 30 seconds of us talking that he had a daughter...sorry pal...this is my dance space...and I'm NOT interested in yours:) Check the ego with your cigarettes.

I'm tired-I've been tired a lot lately. I want to go home, and I'm NOT thrilled with the fact I'll be here for another 2 hours thanks to wonderboy getting here late. I also left my cell phone at home-just not my day.


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