I realize it's hella late...but if anyone is out there...and you have the cartoon network, please please PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch tonight's episode of Robot Chicken!! If you have never seen it-it's hilarious!! It's weird claymation, and a lot of very cool people are involved with it...Seth Green is a producer and creator and contributor...and tonight the very fun Joey Fatone and "unforgettable" Lance Bass of the world renowned band *Nsync are featured voices and in the story line. Hilarious!! Drewbie told me to watch it one time, and I can't say I was disappointed...because I wasn't and that would be a lie. Look-it's 15's frigging hilarious...*Nsync is actually IN IT and the storyline revolves around them!! What more do you want...(well, besides a new album and another tour...and a date with Justin to a Broadway show starring Joey and then a quick trip to the moon in a shuttle piloted by Lance, followed by a serenade from JC as Chris serves you dinner!!).

TONIGHT...11:30...cartoon network...ENJOY!!

Please check your local listings


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Drew said...

That certainly was hella funny. I haven't seen that show in a while.


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