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So my friends Drewbie and Allison are getting married this weekend...I can't really believe it's only 5 days away!! Not only have they honored me by asking me to read at the ceremony, but I have also been asked to help out with the infamous BenSpark Blog by picking the trivia topic next week, and helping with the "photo a day" project that they have committed themselves to. I've been thinking about the picture...I'm not quite sure where the camera will lead me. I have a little less than two weeks to think about it...but I'm sure I'll be inspired by something. Suggestions are very welcome...I do have some ideas...none of which involve french onion soup or "donuts"...or do they? ;)

Happy Wedding Week Sparky and Drewbie!!

OOps!! I almost forgot a link to the BenSpark trivia game...and I don't want to be called "lazy" again;) and start blog war III with the Drewbie, I apologize and have corrected it. And now I've linked it twice in one post, so I think I've stuck to the rules of blog courtesy:) Have a happy day:)


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Thanks for helping us out Mo. We are looking forward to you coming down for the wedding. We can't wait. And thanks for taking care of the blog for us.


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