There is no real reason for this post other than I wanted to share with you all this picture I took last year. I just did my post for Drewbie's Photo-A-Day project (I got to help out a day while he's on his honeymoon) and when going through my pictures I found these from last Christmas. They kind of make me sad because I'm not enjoying ANY heat right now...but at least I can look at this sunset and wish I was there. Believe it or not there were dolphins there too-they were just too quick for the stupid digital camera. Sorry Kip Dynamite, but sometimes I hate technology.

At any rate, this is a shot from Indian Rocks Beach in Florida, near Tampa and Clearwater. When I was little my family would go and rent cottages with my Dad's cousin Sam and his family and stay for a week or so. We always had so much fun, and for second and third cousins we have all remained very close. In fact, Sam's two daughters, Kelly and Erin are in Elizabeth's wedding next summer. I love going to see them, and I'm truly looking forward to someday being able to live in Florida full time. As for now, it's just my version of paradise...


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