Only in Maine

I really wish I had a camera on me this morning. I went to the bank on a change run, and as I was leaving I literally walked into a guy who looked like he'd been living in the wilderness. He was absolutely filthy from head to toe, and was donning a fur cap that may have just been a dead animal. I'm not quite sure. He reminded me of that Kid's in the Hall skit where the two trappers are canoeing through an office building, surrounded by cubicles, and laying out traps for the people who worked there. They would turn a corner and find a business man or woman stuck in a bear trap...all the while just singing "Frere Jaque." Next thing you know they are "paddling" up to a men's business suit shop (a la George's in Manchester) and their canoe is filled with fine taylored suits. The things you remember when you see one dirty guy in a raccoon cap...


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