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There is so much going on in the world and the one question that has haunted me for days...well, when the heck is Jennifer Garner having little girl Affleck?? Seriously, has she been pregnant for years now or what?? She was on Ellen a few months ago and I thought she was going to start lamaze any second. I'm positive I'm the only one who cares about this...I'm admittedly ridiculous...but I'm selfish because I just want Alias to be a better show and the whole time she's been pregnant and Vaughn is dead...the show blows. I hate this little blonde protege she's training, I hate that Vaughn is dead (have I not mentioned that before?), I hate that Weiss is gone (though I think he's secretly taking care of Vaughn who better not really be dead), I wasn't a huge fan of Nadia...but this coma thing is really old. It's getting to the point where even Marshall is driving me crazy...that's never happened to me before. Nothing progresses on this show this season. I know, I said this all last year around this time and the comments came back to bite me...but at least I was rewarded for sitting through hours of waiting. The only thing right now that I'm looking forward to is Sark making a return-though I'm sure he won't last long. It's my own fault for getting sucked in that New Year's day when the marathon of the first few episodes ran on the Family Channel...I realize that. But other people have been effected by my Fandom of Alias...I've talked it up incessantly for years and even managed to convert some nay sayers. Don't let me down Alias, I'm begging you. Jennifer...have the frickin baby before Nick and Jessica make a reunion special that will steal your time slot and GET BACK TO WORK!!


The good news: Allegedly Jen heard me and had the baby (Violet Ann) early this morning.
The awful news: ABC has officially (sigh) cancelled Alias. It will finish it's season in May. Total gip. J.J. Abrams is too busy dealing with stupid TomKat and Mission Impossible 3 to write any episodes. Dick. Vaughn better come back.


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