What would you say??

The first time I heard of Dave Matthews Band was from a girl named Laura that lived in my dorm junior year. As she was the author of the now missing but much regaled "Evolution of the Dinosaur," I pretty much had to trust anything she said. She let me borrow her CD "Under the Table and Dreaming" when she found me under a table and dreaming while I should have been writing a paper. I'm not kidding. It was about 2 in the morning when I awoke to her gales of laughter...and the laughter of 4 other girls she awoke to give witness to her finding. Sad. So I gladly tuned into the CD, and she didn't get it back for quite some least 4 more paper assignments anyway. Thus began my love affair with the man known as Dave Matthews. I've seen him in concert countless times. Countless because I believe from the second hand "smoke" I've forgotten some of the locations. I do love watching him perform live though...any guy who can come out and play solid for HOURS while not only singing, playing instruments, rocking pajama pants, and doing his "feet" dance...I'm in. One thing I do know is that I have never seen him perform my favorite of his tunes, Satellite, live and in person. Knowing of my addiction to television and such, if you know the'll understand my gravitational pull toward it.

This week, Maggie called and said she had extra tickets for the show in Connecticut this weekend. Road trip? Whaaaat?? Though I have zero funds after the wedding of the century...I still jumped at the chance to hang with the Foley siblings, Rich, and their family friends. Plus, it's a road trip...who doesn't love a road trip?? It's like a rainbow, and the concert is the pot of gold at the end. So keep me in your positive thoughts this weekend...I really don't care if you're "over" Dave Matthews, or if you were never "under" him. Hey, that's your loss. Let me have my joy and whimsy, and you can have your collection of Golden Girls commemorative plates and Bob Saget windchimes...I won't beat you down for it.

Have an awesome weekend!


Digital Get OUT!!


Yes, I heard. I too read it on Pop Candy this morning and immediately linked to the article from People Magazine. I don't know what I was rushing to read...Katie has been telling me this tale for years! I DO appreciate all 19 emails on the subject of "Lance's news OUTing"'s nice that you all care:)

What IS interesting to me is the fact that Lance Bass can't seem to stay out of the D-list limelight. Justin obviously has a career and positive celebrity...who didn't see that coming either? Joey is settling into "performance art" whilst taking on the role of "daddy" (though I swear he's working at Universal Studios in the Beetlejuice show again!) I keep waiting for Chris to show up on some Dateline episode. I can't wait for JC to finally reveal his secret passion for the infamous "guitar player!" THAT would be news! However, little Lance revealing his "true self" shouldn't really be news to anyone. I feel like Lanceton requires publicity...he's constantly onto something. First it was the failed shuttle launch, then Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, then those crappy game show shows. I have to give him a little credit for trying to keep the memory of *Nsync alive by appearing so much. So I'm not mad at you do what you have to to be happy and just be you...there's nothing wrong with that!

It's kind of refreshing that he is being honest about who he is and what he's about. Why be like Sulu on Star Trek and hide for so long? Life is too short to worry about what people think, kids! There will always be those mean-spirited evil-doing insignificant worms who will make you feel bad about who you are or what you look like...but they just SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK:) Why should any of us give a crapnoodle about what other people think about us? Ask yourself this: Are you happy? If the answer is yes then cool...spread the joyous love! If the answer is no, then my friend, let's figure out why that is. Perhaps you aren't happy because you hate your job, or your appearance, or your handwriting skills, or your ability to carve SPAM. Or maybe YOU are ok with those things, but other insignificant worms have MADE you think those things bother you. And here's the thing...they aren't bothering YOU...they are bothering the insignificant worms...dig? And the only reason they are bothering the insignificant worms is because THEY are trying to make themselves feel better about the pathetic and lonely lives THEY in fact lead. Stop losing sleep about the "IW's," take a walk...a deep breath...carve that SPAM and enjoy life's the only one you've got (that I know of !).

Learn from yourself...and like yourself...and especially like boys!! Thanks, Lance!!!


She's alive...

I know, it's been rough for all of you. Fear not...I am indeed alive...and kicking myself for losing my recap of the wedding blog:( I can't even talk about it. So between getting caught up on work and sleep...I've neglected the multitudes of bloggers out there waiting for word from me. All 6 of you:) Ha!

I will have a better blog sometime soon, but just to put some of your minds at ease I finally acheived my goal of seeing the second installment of Pirates of the Carribbean today. I know many of you have been worried with my insane schedule as to when I would see it...and the dream has finally been realized. Ha. I enjoyed it...I actually screeched at one which Peggy laughed at me and some jerk told her to "ssssh." Not cool. Heaven forbid someone enjoy a movie they paid for, or at that enjoy the terrification of their own sibling. Yes, I know terrification is not a word, but this is my blog dammit. This movie was a bit darker than the original, and eluded to a few more Disney attractions which I found interesting. Peggy's new boyfriend is Johnny Depp...or as she calls him "Captain Jack Sparrow." I just can't dig a guy that wears more makeup than me. It is not as good as the first movie, but FAR better than The Haunted Mansion. If they keep on this "rides becoming the movie" kick then I would love to see what they can do with the ever so terrifying "Teacups." I think Sea World should get in on the action and do a movie about the horrors of people riding those rascal scooters around the parks and running down those who must walk! I do think Sea World has a law suit for this Pirates movie, but I won't say why if some of you haven't yet "shivered ye timbers." If you see Peggy soon, ask her to "do the pirate." You won't be disappointed.

I promise to post on the wedding soon, though I think Maggie, Julie and Nancy did great jobs on their blogs and I don't want to force you all to read repeated information. You should check them out!!

Congratulations to my friend Linda who recently uncovered an elusive piece of treasure on the beach...royal blue sea glass!


"Jolly Old Town..."

I fancy myself a bit of a Wizard of Oz enthusiast. I enjoy it tremendously. Once upon a time I prayed to win the "megabucks" (does that even exist anymore?) and open a theme park based on the movie. It brings back some great memories...every year I'd watch with my family. Does anyone remember the movie "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" with Sarah Jessica Parker? Another favorite...classic movie that my mom would rent for me anytime I was home sick from school. At any rate, Sarah's character "Janey" is having an argument with her military driven dad because she wants to audition for "Dance TV" and he says she's too young to stay out that late, and reminds her of a deal they had made. She "sasses" back: "We made a deal when I was seven years old that night life was the muppet show!" I loved that movie...but that's for another post. At any rate, the muppet show deal...was upheld in my lie. However, there was the one exception for the annual broadcast of my favorite movie of all time...The Wizard of Oz. A "traditionalist" in Oz viewing, I made a rule years ago that I would only watch it when it was broadcast on tv. I buckled about 2 years ago and bought the dvd...of course then the big remastered version came out and I was horrified...but the cheapo version took the edge off...and I had my fix when needed. Tonight, while I'm supposed to be packing...I'm instead flipping channels on the tube and find during a commercial from the Red Sox pre-game show that my beloved movie is on tonight...and tomorrow!! Joy...rapture!! It starts in mere minutes, and I'm going to have to annul the plans for packing until will get done...after I awaken from my Oz coma. I promise!

Here's a bonus..."Yankee Doodle Dandy" is on tomorrow too...I wonder why;) This too is a nostalgic favorite. The first time I ever watched this was with Nana Bakey and for that reason alone it's in my top 5. I was staying at the home of the famous Lauren and Nancy, and would sometimes get to hang out with Nana Bakey and watch old movies. It's amazing, from the the's so cheesy. And I love it!! Sometimes I think I should have grown up in the thirties and forties so I could just sit in the movie theater and watch these classics before they were classics. But then I'd never had been able to blog about it and subject you to my ridiculous rants and such!

This may be my last post for awhile, unless Oz somehow miraculously ends differently...but I don't see that happening:) I'm headed down south for the wedding celebration, but not until after I've spent some quality time with the cousins and my soon to be one year old Goddaughter, Caroline!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!