One Crazy Night...

Today is All Hallow's Eve...more commonly referred to as Halloween. Growing up it's all about getting dressed up and going begging for candy. Now, it's all about getting dressed up and imbibing quarts of booze...which not a lot of people can say isn't more fun than when we were little! One of the grandest traditions of the season, was getting to stay up late (yeah, late being 8:30 p.m.!) to watch Halloween specials on t.v. They are the same thing year after year, but there is still something so nostalgic about those programs! In the tradition of last years "Christmas Countdown," here are a few of this t.v. addicts favorite Halloween specials/movies. FYI-I can't really stomach the nasty if you are looking for images of Jason Voorhies or The Candyman...don't will not find them here. I'm a wimp, that's my job.

All time favorite really goes without saying..."It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." The first scene involves Lucy and Linus bringing a giant pumpkin home from the patch. As soon as they get through the door...Lucy starts to carve it. This action prompts the pumpkin luvin' Linus to scream and cry..."You didn't tell me you were gonna kill it!! Alwlwlwwww!!" Comedic genius right there can't miss it. Who loves pumpkins THAT much? Then he gets to sleep in the Pumpkin patch...waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive? And Sally joins him...whaaat? These kids are like 6!! Where are their parents?!?! This show is too much, but I love it and I'll never stop!!

The next one may surprise you, mostly because I doubt you ever heard of it! It's called Garfield's Halloween Adventure. The reason it should really surprise you is the fact that I actually can't stand lie! However, there is this weird little song that is too catchy to ever forget...hence...I have never forgotten it. It's truly sad really...I'm 29.2...I think I was 10 when I first heard it. It's bad enough when you get a song stuck in your head for 20 about almost 20 years!! Sweet Merciful Crap I'm OLD!! So the song, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, Willis goes thusly:
"What should I be? There's so many sides to me. I could be an astronaut, a robot, a hobo, a clown, or an alien creature going out on the town...what should I be? What could I be? What should I be?"
That is when Garfield is rummaging through John's attic to find the perfect costume so he can go trick or treating with Odie...and con Odie out of all his candy. Somehow they happen upon a haunted house that's got a creepy guy in it and get chased by ghost pirates...seriously, what the hell is wrong with me???

Next up, Ghostbusters. Just the first one. The second one was queer and used pink goo way too much for anyone's liking. The original Ghostbusters was cinematically and comedically perfect in every way. Who doesn't smile at the thought of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, or the green ghost that slimed Bill Murray? It is a classic. A few years ago I was home for the weekend and found it on HBO at like 9 in the morning. I laughed so hard I woke my brother, who was sleeping soundly (thanks to hops and barley) on the north wing of my parents humble home. It's a good freaking movie, that's all I can say. If you haven't seen it you are missing out and it's really your own fault because there are so many options for you to be able to see it now-a-days. Who ya gonna call? (Come on, you know I had to add that somewhere!)

And finally, because the holiday will be over by the time I actually finish if I keep going on and on and on, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is cool because it gets you all primed for the Christmas season, without letting go of it's essential Tim Burton-esque weird factor. I actually haven't seen this in awhile, I may have to Netflix it. And right there is the beauty of the movie, because it's a dual-holiday treat! Woo! This is the story of Jack, who is the mayor of Halloweentown. He likes the whole idea of Christmas and wants to take over the he jacks Santa and makes a go at it. In the 'twixt and 'tween there's a whole love story going on's it:)

That's all for now, kids. Have fun trick or treating! I did finally decide to go as an Indian for the big party this weekend...there are pictures, but I didn't sign any releases to post them publicly. I really can't afford the court costs if I sue myself for privacy/character infringement issues...and who wants to pay those fines? If you click on the title of this post it will bring you to the actual history of might want to edumacate yourselves on these tidbits!! It's interesting...I swear!

Happy Halloween!!!!


Happy Birthday, Emma!!!

Emma Elizabeth was born at 2:05 this morning and is 7lbs, 5oz, and 19 inches!!! I've seen pictures, and the kid is gorgeous!! She has dark hair, and a sweet little face. I can't wait to meet her!
In the words of her adoring grandmother, Emma is "absolutely perfect in every way-she is pink and warm and squeeky." What more could you ask?
Welcome to the world, Emma!!


I can think of nothing else!!

I've just heard the word that my friend Kim is in labor:) Kim is literally my oldest friend in the world. We've known eachother since WE were babies! I'm totally lost to reality for the rest of the day.
Please keep her and baby Emma in your thoughts and prayers...updates to follow!!


R.I.P. Nelson...

Nelson De la Rosa, the "good luck charm" for the BoSox in 2004, died this weekend in New York. R.I.P...


Out of my mind...

Or just plain bored. Probably both.

Let's talk about some things:

Last night's episode of Lost was probably one of my favorite episode's to date. I know we now live in a world of DVR, so I won't blow anything for other fans...but it's a good least, in my humble opinion it was.

Tina Fey's new show, 30 Rock. I don't know if I like it yet or not. The first two episodes were good, but they seem to be still getting the whole thing together. I think the writing could be better, it's like they are trying too hard. I'll keep watching though, if for no other reason than to see promos for The Office the following night.

I love The Office. I think I've made that clear before, but it's so good. If I had to choose between watching The Office and watching Gilmore Girls...I believe that The Office would win. (I just unconsciously made the trademark "Jim Halpert half-smile" that weird?) Pam and Jim talk tonight...ooh!! 8:30 cannot come soon enough!

I really could care less how Britney and Katie Holmes lost their baby weight...put two and two together people and stop speculating. If they are ridiculous rich and have nannies and personal trainers and nutritionists on the payroll, and Katie is kept in a locked cage by Cruise...then I'm thinking that is how they are dealing with the issue. Plus, think about it, good money says Britney has 'Britney's Dance Beat' at home and she uses the dance pad. She and K-Fed have Dance Dance Revolution tournaments to keep in shape.

Does anyone else just want Brad Pitt to go away?

George on Gray's Anatomy is gay...well, the guy who plays him is. Do you think it's Lance's fault? Lance Bass...not Lance Armstrong who has recently said he is not gay. Question? Why do we care?

I might have to go see The Departed this weekend, though I heard it's about 19 hours long.

I'm in need of costume ideas for Halloween. I've had some thoughts...but I'm that has become a factor. Please don't tell me to go as the "3 hole punched version of myself."

I want to go on vacation, but that whole "poor" thing makes that kind of impossible.

This is just another example of how things I enjoyed as a kid are becoming ruined. Is it progress? What's the deal with destruction and violence these days?

Does anyone watch Judge Alex? I usually get the tail end of one of his shows on the radio during the commute home. That show is's like court tv crack. I think a lot of the people who appear in his courtroom had auditions for Flavor of Love, but just didn't make the cut. My favorite case involved a woman who was suing her hairdresser for overtreatment and all her hair fell out. I actually just love when "J.A." (that's what I call him) tells them to shut up. He's sassy.

Dane Cook is doing a movie with Steve Carell in Newport, RI right now. I'd link the blog entry Dane had about it...but he had some other stuff there that though I (sick) found giggly...may offend some others. I told Bobby he should fetch them and bring them home to me for the weekend. Could you imagine if that actually happened? The nonsense that would ensue. Seriously, it would be ridiculous if they just showed up at my door. I'd make Steve watch tonight's episode of The Office with me...and force him to talk about Pam and Jim.

Did I mention I was bored? I think I did...or it was the out of my mind thing...either or...there doesn't seem to be a big difference.

Por que, Lorelai? Por que?

Dear Lorelai Gilmore,

Why? Why are you ruining this season for me? I know that a new person is writing for you and all, and I realize it's hard to not go with what is written for you as you are a fictional character and all...but seriously...come on. I've patiently watched for a month, and every scene with you is excruciating to me. You're obviously depressed because of the break-up with Luke, and that is completely visible to all who see your hair. Get to a stylist if you insist on continuing your ruse...because I think your split ends are a cry for help and really, they might just be what prompted me to write this to you.

I know that you are going through an enlightenment period, as you've realized that most, if not all, of your life has been based on disagreeing with your mother...but you've gone too far. This whole Christopher relationship is bad bad bad. I understand that things with Luke were a struggle when April's existence came about, but you stopped being you and started being a big pushover and allowed the relationship to crumble. Alright, I know that YOU didn't actually allow was Team Palladino when they wrote the storyline and now they are gone and can't clean up the mess they left behind (but she could call in a favor with someone for that wig of yours...clean it up for crying out loud!). But everything about you is different this year, from your facial expressions and reactions, to your dialogue. Maybe I shouldn't be so mad at you...but even when Sookie confronted you this week YOU were weak!! Put yourself in her's NEVER easy to tell your best friend that her boyfriend it has to be REALLY bad for her to speak up the way she did!! I still can't believe you made the date with Christopher after Sookie asked you to come over and see your Goddaughter. Even if it was one of the most perfect dates ever constructed, and topped off with Emily in the can't keep forgetting the agony Christopher has inflicted on you...can you?? My theory is that because Emily and Richard were finally coming to terms with Luke being "the one," you had to end the relationship on that alone. You can't give someone and ultimatum over his kid and really expect to be put first? You're a single mom for crying out have to understand that! And HOW did you not call Luke on the fact that April's mom is almost a dead ringer for you (save the height issue and the fact that her hair stylist obviously LIKES her!!)?

Look, we went into this season with the possibility that it might be the last for GG. Tear. If things keep going the way they have been, I think the possibility becomes a guarantee...and do you really want to go out like this? I know that I've invested way too much energy and time and typing into this show over the years...I'm the first to admit that fact. But I don't want to see GG leave the airwaves a la Ed (the bowling alley lawyer dude). That was a great show and they totally ruined it with the last episode. I'm getting fired up just thinking about it...I must move on.

I'm just asking, as a something with your hair and LOSE Christopher. He's no good...he's never been good. At this point, I don't even care if you go back to Luke or not. Yeah, I said it! I just want Christopher to go far far far far far far far far far far away and not come back...ever. He didn't even go to Rory's graduation for crying out loud!! I can spend no more time on this issue. Just know, that it's a sad sad day when I'd actually rather watch scenes with Rory in them than the drivel that has been televised thus far.

Clean it up, Lorelai...your hair AND your storyline!!


P.S. Miss Patty looks phenominal...what did she do??


Where to begin??

Yes, I got the "anonymous" comment on my last post...and yes, it still took me a few days to get to the computer...but I'm warning may not be worth the wait. Ladies and gentlemen, it's no secret...I live the epitome of a boring life. It's sad really, but I'm sure you all recognize that anyway so it's all good. I really wish I had the time to update more consistently, but that would mean that I was probably let's keep with the current schedule...aight?

Since I've posted last, much has occurred...but of course I've not taken a single picture because I just wasn't prepared. Honestly, since August 1 I've been a pathetic workaholic mess so WHY would I bother to have a camera with me to document how truly boring my life is? But I digress. "Ladies Night" at Lauren's was a blast. It was awesome to see everyone-and to finally gawk at Nancy's new bling!! Being the ol' folks that we are...we not only retired early...but Maggie and I were back at her house and watching SNL when it started. So lame. Even more lame...Maggie was actually SLEEPING when SNL started! In the morn, we made a breakfast date with Katie (who I don't think I'd seen since my RIDICULOUS is that??!! I'm angry just thinking of it!!). Maggie had a christening to go to, so Katie and I took her apartment hostage all afternoon for an old school challenge of Britney's Dance Beat.

Dan (aka "Sean Burke Guy") battles Leana to the death to be Britney's Back up dancer. Who will win? (whoever Katie is controlling!!)

Katie, of course, kicked my ass...which I should be proud to admit...but I'm not. Such is life. Katie and Rich spent the afternoon trying to teach me football...still clueless...but I did learn some things thanks to the tutiledge...I've got a whole season to plug away at it. Then after the Pats victory we made our way to the theater to see "Employee of the Month." Like most girls, I've got a massive (Allie's word) crush on Dane Cook...he's awesome...even if he jokes about having an itchy bumhole and has been romantically linked to Jessica Simpson. (Hmm...could the two be linked?? I wonder...) That being said, I found the scenes with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and Dax Shepard from Punk'd fame were the best part of the movie in general...which is weird considering Pedro freaks me out a wee bit. Well, he freaks me out a LOT...but still he's the funniest part of the movie. Don't worry-I'm confused too.

I worked most of the week in the prestigious Castine, Maine at Maine Maritime Academy. Of course the foliage was amazing. Of course I forgot my stupid camera. I traveled over the scary and evil Penobscot Bridge for the last time though, as the one they were building to replace it opened the day after I left. Joy of joys.

I returned to greet my brother, who coincidentally has a birthday today (Happy happy Bobby!!). The prodigal son has returned to New England for a few months...if you're in Newport, RI over the holidays...give him a holler...the poor kid never gets any attention. Yeah, right. We went to the Harvestfest in York with my cousin Lauren, her husband John and their two kids...the lovely Allison and the amazing Caroline. We couldn't walk 5 feet without someone yelling "Tarps!!" And that includes the York PD...thankfully he knows them all for good reasons...and not for being a far as they know! The Harvestfest was a good's bigger and bigger every year. This year they had Trolleys servicing Harvestfest-goers as shuttles from parking locations, and the beach, to the fest itself. Someone should have told the guy driving that even though it was dubbed a "shuttle," he didn't have to drive it like one! I thought poor Allie was going to end up with some lady in her lap at one point. Even funnier was how she was reporting that the driver was going too fast...and she's 3 and a half!!

Sunday I ventured out to NH to visit some friends I hadn't seen in way too long. It was nice to meet their new daughter, and to see the renovations they have been doing on the house. Again, I forgot the camera...I should just keep it in the car...but why would I think to do that?

I have an event at the college tonight, a book signing that will hopefully be the first of many. I'll be rockin' out at the Windham Way for the first time this season...I've kind of missed that little hovel...kind of.

More tomorrow...I hope:)


It's time...

You're going to be shocked and all...but I finally updated the blog links after promising to do so posts and posts ago! Now that work has finally chilled a bit I get my life back! Phew. It's been a long long couple of months, but I feel happy that October has finally arrived!

So here's the scoop thus far...

Bobby got a promotion!! Next season he'll be working one of the Blue Jay's A clubs, the Lansing Lugnuts. Ha...he's a lugnut!! I'm sure you can imagine how proud we are of him! Hopefully Lansing, MI is a little more populated than Pulaski, VA...otherwise known as the land time forgot.

Elizabeth and her new hubby, Wes have bought a house of their very own...a very exciting move! I'm looking forward to seeing it...and considering I just found out I have more vacation time than I thought...well...get my room ready!!

My oldest friend in the world is having a baby...and though that's not news to's still very exciting. Even more exciting is that Emma Elizabeth will be born in the next few weeks! I can't wait to meet her (and tell her ALL sorts of stories about her mama!! ha!!)

I actually get to see my girls tomorrow!! It's amazing...I haven't seen most of them since July. Seriously, the end of my summer was just BS!! I feel free!! The eye twitch has almost completely stopped! Ha!! Seriously, Caroline has been walking now for months and I've yet to see one little bitty step:( That will change tomorrow though as it's girls night at Lauren's. Extra bonus to the evening will be seeing Lauren herself, Nancy (and her engagement ring!), Julie, and Maggie! I'm so excited to just be out of Maine it's not even funny! Plus, next week I have to go back to Castine for before I have to go deeper into the will be nice to have some good times:)

Have a great weekend everyone-be swell!


Under the sea...

Yeah, I'm 29.2 and have pre-ordered copies of Disney's The Little Mermaid which was released today on DVD. This is by far my favorite Disney movie, it was also the first movie Peggy ever saw in a theater...and I took her:) I just remember her cute little face, all bespectacled, staring in absolute amazement at the dolphins tumbling through the cartoon waves in the opening scenes. She was 4, and so teeny that the chair wouldn't go down all the way! Now if you ask her about the movie she'll probably rant about how I torture her singing the songs in the car or something. She's so mature! Ha! And of course watching movies like this always sparks the "girl" in it's almost guaranteed I'll cry before it's over. I used to cry at Major this should be a surprise to no one. I admit it...I'm not ashamed of my tears! Peggy would always look at me and say, "Merny, don't's only a movie!" Now my emotions are simply a game to her...I can't watch Extreme Home Makeover without her staring me down...waiting for the tears to fall. I'm just way too emotional a person, but it's part of who I deal!

Just a tip, if you are purchasing the movie (and you should really have it in your Disney collection...seriously) then Best Buy has it on sale AND they are giving away little plush "Flounder" and "Sebastian" toys with it...just so you know...because you should.

I'm going to stop talking about The Little Mermaid now. Yes, I realize how sad it devoting an entire missive about it...not the movie itself. I get it...I do.


Remember when...

I don't have a lot to write about, thus, I haven't subjected you to any rants or raves lately. I really don't even have to write this, but I'm getting ready for work and procrastination is actually the direct translation of my given name. It's not really, I just don't want to go to work and getting ready for work would bring me closer to that goal I have no yearning to reach so why would I continue on that path of destruction and chaos? Why?

It has been a very long week, very long. I had a visit at work from my boss and one of the company VP's. It was a very happy and successful visit, and even with that behind me, the involuntary eye twitching I began to suffer earlier in the week has continued with no hope of relief in sight. No pun intended...seriously. What makes the whole "eye twitch" thing kind of fun is the fact that the show "My Name is Earl" used the occurrence as a plot point in this week's show. Did I say it was fun? Yeah, I'm totally losing it.

So why do I have to go to work on this cold, blustery, fall day? It's family weekend at SJCME. I did have a good day yesterday and accidentally ran into some old friends randomly visiting the campus to see someone else. I was just taking in the traffic of people outside when I saw them and went out to make sure it was them...and it was and so I was happy. I have maybe seen them once since their wedding a few years ago...and now they have a beautiful baby girl named Sophia. Seeing them truly made my day-and their baby is probably the happiest baby I've ever seen in my life. She was hilarious! At one point she was trying to fuss to get out of the carriage, but just couldn't help laughing instead. I love it:) So I have to work for only a few hours today and then my plan is to make some soup...from scratch...we'll see how that goes.

My dad is journeying to the "land of my birth" this week for business. "The land" being Bremerton, WA. I remember bits and pieces from when I was little, and even visiting the space needle in Seattle. I would like to go back there some day and see the apartment we lived in and if it's even close to what I remember. Granted, it's probably not even in existence anymore...but whatev. I would, of course, like to also see Pike's Place Fish Market...and see if I can stomach the space needle again. I should plan a vacation out there would definitely be interesting.

So I'm off now for a boring day...I'm late now too which will make the day all the more interesting. Thanks for distracting me...