Por que, Lorelai? Por que?

Dear Lorelai Gilmore,

Why? Why are you ruining this season for me? I know that a new person is writing for you and all, and I realize it's hard to not go with what is written for you as you are a fictional character and all...but seriously...come on. I've patiently watched for a month, and every scene with you is excruciating to me. You're obviously depressed because of the break-up with Luke, and that is completely visible to all who see your hair. Get to a stylist if you insist on continuing your ruse...because I think your split ends are a cry for help and really, they might just be what prompted me to write this to you.

I know that you are going through an enlightenment period, as you've realized that most, if not all, of your life has been based on disagreeing with your mother...but you've gone too far. This whole Christopher relationship is bad bad bad. I understand that things with Luke were a struggle when April's existence came about, but you stopped being you and started being a big pushover and allowed the relationship to crumble. Alright, I know that YOU didn't actually allow was Team Palladino when they wrote the storyline and now they are gone and can't clean up the mess they left behind (but she could call in a favor with someone for that wig of yours...clean it up for crying out loud!). But everything about you is different this year, from your facial expressions and reactions, to your dialogue. Maybe I shouldn't be so mad at you...but even when Sookie confronted you this week YOU were weak!! Put yourself in her's NEVER easy to tell your best friend that her boyfriend it has to be REALLY bad for her to speak up the way she did!! I still can't believe you made the date with Christopher after Sookie asked you to come over and see your Goddaughter. Even if it was one of the most perfect dates ever constructed, and topped off with Emily in the can't keep forgetting the agony Christopher has inflicted on you...can you?? My theory is that because Emily and Richard were finally coming to terms with Luke being "the one," you had to end the relationship on that alone. You can't give someone and ultimatum over his kid and really expect to be put first? You're a single mom for crying out have to understand that! And HOW did you not call Luke on the fact that April's mom is almost a dead ringer for you (save the height issue and the fact that her hair stylist obviously LIKES her!!)?

Look, we went into this season with the possibility that it might be the last for GG. Tear. If things keep going the way they have been, I think the possibility becomes a guarantee...and do you really want to go out like this? I know that I've invested way too much energy and time and typing into this show over the years...I'm the first to admit that fact. But I don't want to see GG leave the airwaves a la Ed (the bowling alley lawyer dude). That was a great show and they totally ruined it with the last episode. I'm getting fired up just thinking about it...I must move on.

I'm just asking, as a something with your hair and LOSE Christopher. He's no good...he's never been good. At this point, I don't even care if you go back to Luke or not. Yeah, I said it! I just want Christopher to go far far far far far far far far far far away and not come back...ever. He didn't even go to Rory's graduation for crying out loud!! I can spend no more time on this issue. Just know, that it's a sad sad day when I'd actually rather watch scenes with Rory in them than the drivel that has been televised thus far.

Clean it up, Lorelai...your hair AND your storyline!!


P.S. Miss Patty looks phenominal...what did she do??


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Meghan said...

Miss Patty basically cut herself in half. I was amazed.

I was extremely disappointed in what the stupid Palladinos did to Lorelei last season. She basically became a doormat for Luke to walk all over, and I really think that Luke deserves to lose her. But Christopher? The man that let her raise THEIR child all by herself for 16 years before he even was remotely in the picture? Okay, I know these people are all fake, but I don't understand the thought processes behind the writers.
1. Christopher needs to go.
2. Luke needs to understand he was a complete jackass to Lorelei and doesn't deserve her anymore
3. Why isn't there more about Lane and the baby?


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