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Yes, I got the "anonymous" comment on my last post...and yes, it still took me a few days to get to the computer...but I'm warning may not be worth the wait. Ladies and gentlemen, it's no secret...I live the epitome of a boring life. It's sad really, but I'm sure you all recognize that anyway so it's all good. I really wish I had the time to update more consistently, but that would mean that I was probably let's keep with the current schedule...aight?

Since I've posted last, much has occurred...but of course I've not taken a single picture because I just wasn't prepared. Honestly, since August 1 I've been a pathetic workaholic mess so WHY would I bother to have a camera with me to document how truly boring my life is? But I digress. "Ladies Night" at Lauren's was a blast. It was awesome to see everyone-and to finally gawk at Nancy's new bling!! Being the ol' folks that we are...we not only retired early...but Maggie and I were back at her house and watching SNL when it started. So lame. Even more lame...Maggie was actually SLEEPING when SNL started! In the morn, we made a breakfast date with Katie (who I don't think I'd seen since my RIDICULOUS is that??!! I'm angry just thinking of it!!). Maggie had a christening to go to, so Katie and I took her apartment hostage all afternoon for an old school challenge of Britney's Dance Beat.

Dan (aka "Sean Burke Guy") battles Leana to the death to be Britney's Back up dancer. Who will win? (whoever Katie is controlling!!)

Katie, of course, kicked my ass...which I should be proud to admit...but I'm not. Such is life. Katie and Rich spent the afternoon trying to teach me football...still clueless...but I did learn some things thanks to the tutiledge...I've got a whole season to plug away at it. Then after the Pats victory we made our way to the theater to see "Employee of the Month." Like most girls, I've got a massive (Allie's word) crush on Dane Cook...he's awesome...even if he jokes about having an itchy bumhole and has been romantically linked to Jessica Simpson. (Hmm...could the two be linked?? I wonder...) That being said, I found the scenes with Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and Dax Shepard from Punk'd fame were the best part of the movie in general...which is weird considering Pedro freaks me out a wee bit. Well, he freaks me out a LOT...but still he's the funniest part of the movie. Don't worry-I'm confused too.

I worked most of the week in the prestigious Castine, Maine at Maine Maritime Academy. Of course the foliage was amazing. Of course I forgot my stupid camera. I traveled over the scary and evil Penobscot Bridge for the last time though, as the one they were building to replace it opened the day after I left. Joy of joys.

I returned to greet my brother, who coincidentally has a birthday today (Happy happy Bobby!!). The prodigal son has returned to New England for a few months...if you're in Newport, RI over the holidays...give him a holler...the poor kid never gets any attention. Yeah, right. We went to the Harvestfest in York with my cousin Lauren, her husband John and their two kids...the lovely Allison and the amazing Caroline. We couldn't walk 5 feet without someone yelling "Tarps!!" And that includes the York PD...thankfully he knows them all for good reasons...and not for being a far as they know! The Harvestfest was a good's bigger and bigger every year. This year they had Trolleys servicing Harvestfest-goers as shuttles from parking locations, and the beach, to the fest itself. Someone should have told the guy driving that even though it was dubbed a "shuttle," he didn't have to drive it like one! I thought poor Allie was going to end up with some lady in her lap at one point. Even funnier was how she was reporting that the driver was going too fast...and she's 3 and a half!!

Sunday I ventured out to NH to visit some friends I hadn't seen in way too long. It was nice to meet their new daughter, and to see the renovations they have been doing on the house. Again, I forgot the camera...I should just keep it in the car...but why would I think to do that?

I have an event at the college tonight, a book signing that will hopefully be the first of many. I'll be rockin' out at the Windham Way for the first time this season...I've kind of missed that little hovel...kind of.

More tomorrow...I hope:)


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

Britney's Dance Beat made up for you waking my hungover butt up at the break of dawn. In the words of Dan - "I rock!" ha ha ha. Maybe someday soon I will also post a blog, homeslice.

PS - Justin's USA tour is up on his website. He will be in Boston on Feb 6th and NY on the 7th. Not sure yet when tix go on sale but let me know if you are interested.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Hi Reesie. I miss your blogging too, but if your lengthy absences from the blog scene mean that you're still gainfully employed, I guess we should try to see the good side of it.
Thanks for the shout out to my bling.
It was great to see you.
Do I even want to know what the hell Brittney's Dance Beat is?
Probably not.

At 6:07 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

Like you, I have no clue what the object of the game of football is all about. In my opinion, it's all about forming a big pig pile. I think the reason for the out of control trolley ride was because they were filming Speed 3. Didn't you notice Sandra Bullock rocking the "York Beach" t-shirt in front of the Goldenrod? As far as Bobby, I was just proud to be a member of his posse for the day. Peace out!


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