Out of my mind...

Or just plain bored. Probably both.

Let's talk about some things:

Last night's episode of Lost was probably one of my favorite episode's to date. I know we now live in a world of DVR, so I won't blow anything for other fans...but it's a good least, in my humble opinion it was.

Tina Fey's new show, 30 Rock. I don't know if I like it yet or not. The first two episodes were good, but they seem to be still getting the whole thing together. I think the writing could be better, it's like they are trying too hard. I'll keep watching though, if for no other reason than to see promos for The Office the following night.

I love The Office. I think I've made that clear before, but it's so good. If I had to choose between watching The Office and watching Gilmore Girls...I believe that The Office would win. (I just unconsciously made the trademark "Jim Halpert half-smile" that weird?) Pam and Jim talk tonight...ooh!! 8:30 cannot come soon enough!

I really could care less how Britney and Katie Holmes lost their baby weight...put two and two together people and stop speculating. If they are ridiculous rich and have nannies and personal trainers and nutritionists on the payroll, and Katie is kept in a locked cage by Cruise...then I'm thinking that is how they are dealing with the issue. Plus, think about it, good money says Britney has 'Britney's Dance Beat' at home and she uses the dance pad. She and K-Fed have Dance Dance Revolution tournaments to keep in shape.

Does anyone else just want Brad Pitt to go away?

George on Gray's Anatomy is gay...well, the guy who plays him is. Do you think it's Lance's fault? Lance Bass...not Lance Armstrong who has recently said he is not gay. Question? Why do we care?

I might have to go see The Departed this weekend, though I heard it's about 19 hours long.

I'm in need of costume ideas for Halloween. I've had some thoughts...but I'm that has become a factor. Please don't tell me to go as the "3 hole punched version of myself."

I want to go on vacation, but that whole "poor" thing makes that kind of impossible.

This is just another example of how things I enjoyed as a kid are becoming ruined. Is it progress? What's the deal with destruction and violence these days?

Does anyone watch Judge Alex? I usually get the tail end of one of his shows on the radio during the commute home. That show is's like court tv crack. I think a lot of the people who appear in his courtroom had auditions for Flavor of Love, but just didn't make the cut. My favorite case involved a woman who was suing her hairdresser for overtreatment and all her hair fell out. I actually just love when "J.A." (that's what I call him) tells them to shut up. He's sassy.

Dane Cook is doing a movie with Steve Carell in Newport, RI right now. I'd link the blog entry Dane had about it...but he had some other stuff there that though I (sick) found giggly...may offend some others. I told Bobby he should fetch them and bring them home to me for the weekend. Could you imagine if that actually happened? The nonsense that would ensue. Seriously, it would be ridiculous if they just showed up at my door. I'd make Steve watch tonight's episode of The Office with me...and force him to talk about Pam and Jim.

Did I mention I was bored? I think I did...or it was the out of my mind thing...either or...there doesn't seem to be a big difference.


At 6:29 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Hi Reesie,
I tried to comment earlier, but I see my brilliant comment has not appeared. Maybe I screwed up the security thing. Anyway, I keep forgetting to watch "The Office!"

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

The Office, clearly the best show on TV! And Brad Pitt, well, I for one want him to go away. Have you ever seen anyone ON THIS PLANET lose their good looks that fast? He must be smoking three packs a day with a wicked tanning bed habit to have that kind of wrinklage going on at his relatively young age. That's all I have to say, except "EEEW!"

At 12:41 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

I have a good easy cheap costume idea that I sused myself a few years back. Get white face paint, give yourself a "milk mustache" and put a sign around your neck that says "got milk?" does it get any easier than that? Everyone loved it too.


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