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I cannot believe that tonight is the final episode ever of my beloved Alias!! I know many of you could give a rat's bum about this show...but that is your loss. I do not understand how a show like Alias could expire, when shows like 7th Heaven are apparently surviving yet another year! When all is said and done though, Alias definitely made it's mark on many. I watched the first few shows in it's first season, but then somehow lacked the time to see it. On New Year's Day 2002, there was a marathon of episodes on the Family Channel that suckered me in...and I've been addicted ever since. I think it only took one episode to get Katie hooked...and poetically enough she will graduate tonight from law school while the cast of Alias take on their final missions. Two very poignant moments in her life, I know, one tears up just thinking of it! I will miss many things: the costume changes, the Rimbaldi artifact nonsense, the constant text messaging of the word "wow" to and from Katie...and the subsequent bills for text messaging in result of the constant text messaging of the word "wow" to and from Katie! Please note this was before I invested in the much

Seriously, it was a great show. I'm have mixed emotions about seeing the series finale because while all my questions will finally be answered...there will be no more questions to answer. I can only compare it to the Red Sox finally taking the World Series Championship. It needed to happen, I wanted it to happen, but when it finally did there was that feeling like I still wanted more...more championships...more mystery. It's just a weird feeling.

Well,'s been memorable. I look forward to watching in syndication and DVD's...and perhaps a TV movie or two! HA!

This is a picture of the original cast of Alias, which I find hilarious for Jennifer Garner's lipstick alone! This was also long before Bradley Cooper was considered "hot." Aww...I miss them already!!


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Girl, you are too funny. I saw a total of one episode of Alias, back in the first season...come to think of it, it might have been the pilot. I thought it was pretty good, but didn't have the time to get all committed to it. If only I had been receiving "Wow" messages, it might have made all the difference. Sigh.


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