"Vito, what the Fudge?!?!"

I'm sorry I've been blatantly non-blogging...I've read the hate mail and I apologize to all of my fans...all 1.5 of you:) This is hell week for me at the store, buyback ended today but Graduation is I figure with the commute I'm working roughly about 70 hours this week. That does not include the time I've put in for wedding shenanigans...but I'll catch you up:)

-I finally got my shoes for the wedding. I know the commercial says that I'm supposed to "love David's Bridal," but I think it's more of a severe dislike...with a passion. For the past 3 months I've been going to several of the stores looking for the shoes I wanted in my size. Oh, they said I could order them...but they were non-refundable. How kind. Basically they just wanted me to hand over 50 bones so I could "try on" a pair of shoes. No thanks. It's pitiful. I did my usual weekend trips to Danvers and South Portland and seeing as I'm running very short on time (the fitting I need the shoes for is this weekend), I decided to call around before I went out of my way "hoping" one of the alleged delivery trucks would finally make all my dreams come true and actually provide my size. I called Danvers, AND South Portland on Monday. Nuttin'. I called Nashua thinking I'd be let down once again, but they told me they had the sizes I wanted to try on. They even said they'd hold them for me to try on that evening. "Excuse me, is this REALLY David's Bridal??" Anyhoo, Mom and I took a little outing to the state of Live Free or Die, and thankfully were successful. Meanwhile though, here's a tip...if you are trying on shoes that have beadamabobs such as the ones on mine...CHECK before you try them on. One pair they were absolutely hanging by a thread. I let the sales clerk know that they were like this and I'm NOT paying for the damage. She seemed unphased...speaks a LOT for the merchandise. They didn't fit anyway and I took the other pair. I also got a 15% discount because the bride bought her gown through David's. Thanks, Fwiz!!

Here are some random thoughts to get you through until the next installment...I know people's schedules are all f-ed up so there aren't really any big spoilers...I think you're safe to read on. If you don't trust me, well then I'm hurt. However, I will put on a band-aid and you can ask me in the comments, or email (the same place you send the hate mail) topics you think I might be ruining and then I'll tell you...or will I?? Hey, YOU'RE the one who couldn't trust me. Rotten Miserable.

-I swear I was told that the Red Sox were rained out last night and only found them by accident in the 7th inning leading 11-3! WTF!!!??? I wish they had been rained out least some of them could have taken shelter under the bags under Mike Mussina's eyes! Katie's going tomorrow night...I'm hoping she brings some Boston Mojo to help cheer them on!!

-Gilmore Girls...WHAT THE F??!?! This was supposed to be the final swan song of creators/writers Team Palladino. They couldn't come to an agreement on actually attempting to keep the show afloat for more than another year with the producers or some they bailed. This was probably my least favorite episode EVER. EVER! I've already deleted it from the DVR. I never want to see it again...and not just because Rory's acting was pitiful as ever. I HATE Christopher...I hated the end of this show...I hated that Luke has been the stupidest guy alive since November...HATE HATE HATE!!!!!! And seriously, what if this WAS the series finale?? Really?? This is how you are going to leave it? Shame on you, Team Palladino! You didn't just give the finger to the people who wouldn't up your gave the faithful, devoted, fans the double finger with this episode!!

-Alias...oh...MY!! Tonight was awesome...I can't believe there are only 2 episodes left. It just keeps getting better. Lost too...I cannot elaborate. Peggy's reaction last week was hilarious, but even funnier was when the "Previously on Lost" scenes were showing and they showed Libby and Ana Lucia get shot again...she acted just as pissed and shocked as if she was seeing it for the first time. She's a riot.

-American Idol!! In the immortal words of Blossom's brother, Joey..."whoa!" I cannot even believe that Chris Daughtry went home! Can't-still fighting it! I thought it was going to be an all male final 3...and I don't know who was more surprised...Chris...or Simon!! I think it was the first time he was actually speechless! Paula cried...there's a shocker:)

-My new favorite blog is from USA's called Pop Candy. I have found a lot of great things on there...and there is always a weekly Lost discussion. This woman has my dream job...but check it out's fun:) It showed me "Taylor Hicks Pac-Man," and if that doesn't sell you...well...then I don't even know why you're here.

-Britney's pregnant again. Whatever. At least she was classy and told confirmed the news on David Letterman's show...he shares a birthday with some very cool people.

-Did I tell you I'm going to see the Red Sox live and in person this summer?? I have to travel to Florida to do it...but I'll be there for my sister's wedding in Rome:)

-The Donald Trump Show-I can't stop watching it...even when my boy Bill isn't on. I can't stand Lee...Sean just annoys me...I'm really hoping Roxanne takes the whole thing. OR that Trump finds a way to make Bill the winner again:) He's pretty:) Michael had to go though, mostly because he was just annoying as all hell. I'm kind of annoyed with the Roxanne/Allie friendship too...they kind of scare me. I'd hate to be Tammy and all canoodling with Sean if they saw...there would be "blood on the walls!!"

-I finally finished Wicked on CD in the car today...I'm so glad I refreshed my memory before taking on Son of a Witch.

I can't wait to dig into that!!

I have to go to bed now. More blogging soon...perhaps even before the end of the week. Go ahead...beg...

Happy Dreams:)


At 6:27 AM, Blogger LizFwiz said...

Are your shoes called "Christy?" I love em, very pretty. I can't beleive that Chris went too. The show is officially rigged. That was BS! Brittany is out of control! Cross you legs girl. Now that she has money you'd think she'd be able to afford birth control, however, being rich doesn't mean you automatically get brains..

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous mko529 said...

so about the Gilmore Girls - I was watching the first season yesterday and I have to say Alexis Bledel was really good back then. It's only recently that she sucked the life out of the shower. I think it's time for a replacement Rory to be brought in - I'm thinking Gabby ... whatever her last was,she was a child star in the 90's. Anyway, I think she should be Rory.

And I'm sick to death of Luke. Lorelei is pushing 40. If she wants more kids, then Luke needs to get on the ball and marry her. I'm on the fence with Christopher. In the past I've gone back and forth with liking and disliking him. But now, he finally got his act together, is taking care of both his kids (albeit, he's 20 years late with Rory, but at least now he's trying) and is contributing to society. I wouldn't be upset if those two finally ended up together. Granted, he only signed on for lile 12 episodes next year (though you may wonder why, what else is he doing? I've never seen him in anything else) so you know she'll end up with Luke. But in all 6 seasons I have never disliked Luke as much as I did Tuesday night.

I still like Logan though. I hope they end up together in the end.

At 6:21 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

Hey I was at the Tues night game too, it was AWESOME. My dad called saying he was sorry the game was rained out - and I was like "what are you talking about - I'm sitting here - it hasn't even rained" and so he then turned it on about the same time.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Cute shoes, glad you found 'em. And just in time! Sorry about GG. That was a disappointment, I'm sure. Why do you have to go to Florida to see the R-Sox? Please explain!

At 1:09 AM, Blogger lms129 said...

I was surprised Chris went home on AI but he was starting to think he was invincible anyway. I will still keeping watching even if it's just to see Paula all drugged out!


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