Feels like today...

How beautiful was it today?! I drove home with the roof open on Diego and the windows down...until I got to the Blue Star Memorial Highway...then it got a little chilly. I'm never a huge fan of this end of the daylight savings adventure...but today it was totally worth the agony of getting up to enjoy the extra hours of sunlight!

Per usual, not a lot is happening besides work right now. It's the end of my fiscal year and there is some tedious work to get done...but it's almost over. We're also transitioning to our new software program for textbooks next week. As thrilling as I'm sure that sounds-believe is!! No longer will I have to work with green bar paper and a DOS program! I feel like I work in 1984! So the new program is windows based and so much more user friendly. It's reminiscent of a program that was shown to us at Saint A's a few years ago when they started to think about progressing their computer capabilities.

Speaking of Saint A's I went back last week for a training session. It's very weird to realize that I have not worked there for just about 2 years! Things have changed quite a will just never be the same. It was nice to get to see some of the people that worked there. Truth be told I was happy to be very busy in training, and that it was Spring Break because not a lot of people were around. I just felt kind of awkward being there...again it's just never going to be the same. But things change, and life goes on...and I'm very content now so I'll stop my whining! Also on that day, I was happily reunited with my buddy Tank, and his wife Lisa, who generously treated me to another old buddy...a margarita from La Carreta! Both of those reunions were also about 2 years in the making!! I don't think a margarita ever tasted so's the best one in the world...I guarantee it! I don't care that the restaurant is in a strip mall in Manch,'s THE best! And if you doubt my declaration...give me a call...I'll meet you there and you can buy me one (and one for yourself to try because you won't get near mine!). It was so good to see Tank and was so nice to reminisce and catch up in person! Thanks again, guys!!

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