Add fuel to the fire...or just to my blog...

Click on the it...then you can "fuel my blog" and be one of my bestest friends!

In ALL seriousness, I'm just looking to get some more visitors at the "WIAF." That's what I'm calling it these days...I'm special like that. Don't knock it...I'll fight'll end up on "the list," you'll will be uncomfortable and awkward. You'll call me the next day and beg forgiveness, and I'll probably just afford you the courtesy because, wept. I'm not a heartless things will be good again...just don't do it'll regret it...and I don't have enough Kleenex to get you through the vicious circle of regret you continue to feel. Suck it up, kid! Make like Sangya from Amerian a hula...get a perm...and smile through the insults and humility and you'll be safe for another week. Freaking Sangya. Now I'm worked up again-so before I hit rock for me and fuel my blog. Now, was that so hard??

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