Guess who's back??

It's meeeee, silly goose! Ha!

So, for the past months I've been engrossed in implementing a new software program in my store...oh...and also keeping up with the 'simple' day to day tasks that I need to be compliant on as well. Friday was FINALLY my "go live" for the new software-and today I feel like I got my life back!!! Amazing!!

I got up early to bring Diego for an oil change and tire rotation...he's sporting the Sox I felt he should have a little spring training of his own. He needed to work out a few things-he's been working out consistently over the past few months with all the he was a happy little boy. Then he brought me to the South Shore of Massachusetts where I got to visit Nana, before heading to Kim's parents house to meet up with her and Linda. Unfortunately, Kim was feeling under the Linda and I had to venture on without her. Ah well, it's just an excuse to get together again soon! Emma is TOO cute for words...I love her little cheeks. She's just insanely adorable!! And tall-that kid will be towering over her mother in no time!! Ha!

On my way home I decided to try and get some new spring clothes for my trip to Florida. It was not a successful venture...and I think I was just in a food coma after lunch anyway. I then "attempted" to go to Target in Medford...and after missing the turn and getting stuck in traffic for a half hour-my impatience got the best of me and I found myself just heading up 93 to 128 to make it HOME! A city girl, I am not. Lucky for me, Julie and Karen were cleaning out Pam's house (it's sold!!!) in Maine, so we met in Portsmouth for some shopping and such. It was a pretty nice little Saturday...maybe next time we'll hit up Bed, Bath, and Beyond...I don't know...I don't know if we'll have enough time. (Yes, the last line was almost completely plaigerized from Old was a nice Saturday-but a tiring one...what do you want from me???)


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