Why me...why now??

First...LOOK at have you NOT watched this show??

Why the Nancy Kerrigan rant/whine?? Here's why...Alias has changed it's frigging tune mid-season once a-frigging-gain!! It was slow and not much fun (how could it be sans Vaughn!?), and now that it's been cancelled it's back to it's original greatness.

I almost didn't watch tonight...I's crazy. Please, don't's still me...I was just going through some things. I was going to watch later...I swear. I'm so glad I decided literally last minute to partake in the Alias joy. I found it a sign of true destiny when Katie IM'ed me seconds before the broadcast, and just brief seconds after I'd made the conclusion to watch. Someone was telling me to watch ABC tonight...perhaps my mind is being invaded by untraceable, subliminal messages...and you know what...I really don't care.

The show, though sadly it's timing is way off, is back to it's original glory. They have constructed a storyline that will keep the fans guessing, and never make me doubt whether or not to watch again. I was stunned several times in tonight's show's the beginning of the end...and I've been there since the beginning so I guess now's not the time to give up.

So now you can all breathe a sigh of relief, I've found the light again. I will not doubt, I know this is the end...but I will watch with as much excited anticipation as I have for it's duration.

Weird...there are some guys here and they have a white coat for me...


At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

I agree - great episode - maybe because my husband Michael Vartan was in it. :) What are the odds of the two of us getting to watch at the same time?? Def a sign. We need to find out when the finale is and schedule a get together. Okay thats all for now, I'm about to go sign up for some electroshock therapy.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Mo said...

umm...excuse me...i believe i won vartan on "the list." nice can have sloane!


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