Breaking News on the Gilmore Front!!

K-obviously I'm a little stir crazy with no Gilmore Girls now for 3 weeks. Sigh. The cliffhanger of Luke having a daughter...why is it a cliffhanger? Does he really think Lorelai is going to be upset considering she has a daughter who's (finally going back!) at Yale! a little nicer to the viewers...give us a real story...make Paris pregnant with Michelle's kid...THAT'S a cliffhanger!!

So in an attempt to find quench my thirst for a Gilmore fix I found this on under a column entitled "Ask Ausiello" (and surprisingly enough it's a guy!!): [my notes are in red...because I can't be expected to leave anything alone]

Rumor has it that since the Palladinos [the Palladinos for you unversed in the art of Gilmore are the creators/writers] have the green light on a new show for next year, this might be the last season for Gilmore Girls. [not a nice rumor...i can't take both Alias and Gilmore Girls going down in the same year...I may not sleep tonight!] Is there any truth to this? [there better not be!!] Are we really not going to get a Season 7? — Jackie [can you believe it...not Mo!!]

Relax. [don't tell me what to do...there's a potential Gilmore crisis on our minds!!]There's little doubt Gilmore will be back in the fall. [PHEW! I WILL sleep tonight!!] Not only is it, like, [really, you want to use "like" in nationally syndicated column..well, okay...if they are still paying you...but my English professor might be fixing to kick your ass] 13 viewers away from eclipsing Smallville as WB's most-watched show [take THAT Reba!!] ,but Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are already contracted for a seventh year [will Alexis be investing in some acting classes?] . And guess who's also on board for next season? Scott frakkin' Patterson. [because he's HOT!...but what of Sookie and Lane and Michelle and Kirk and Miss Patty and Sally Struthers and Paris??] That's right; reliable sources tell me his deal just closed. Now, the only question is whether Team Palladino — whose pact expires in May — will be at the helm of what is widely expected to be the show's farewell season. [I'm pretty sure they should hire me to write the show...I'm prepared to give the "Curt Schilling World Series Contract" guarantee...without a doubt my writing would bring more viewers...look at how many people peruse my're really only hurting yourselves by not giving me the pen!] My gut tells me Amy and Dan will be back, albeit in a somewhat reduced capacity since they'll be juggling both GG and their new, as-yet-untitled, Big Apple-based romantic comedy. [Ugh, there are enough "Big Apple based comedies..." I call them "The New York Yankees!!]


At 2:31 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I have only seen a few eipsodes of Gilmore Girls, but I like it. I just could never quite figure out when it was on. It would sometimes be there as I was flipping through the stations, but I didn't make a ritual of watching it, the way I do with the Donald Trump Show. I remember an episode I saw when Loralei's friend was pregnant and the had to rush her to the hospital in some horse drawn carriage. Did that even happen? I know I'm not clever enough to dream up something like that on my own. I have never seen Alias, however. I also have never seen American Idol, Survivor, and many others that are considered TV essentials. It probably has something to do with the fact that I have about three TV stations and no remote control. I seem to constantly have my TV tuned to NBC. If it isn't on NBC, I don't watch it. Not because I'm so dedicated to NBC, but because I don't have the energy to get off the futon and switch stations. Rock on, Reesie. You'd be a kick ass writer for GG's or any other show!

At 2:57 PM, Anonymous MKO529 said...

I would like to point out that the shirt that Lorelei is wearing I have in the sweatshirt variety. Go me. And the AS-P and DP are dreaming if they think their other show will take off. It won't. I won't watch it in protest. And the WB thinks it can cancel Related on me, and I will watch its stupid new show! No. I am GG fan, not a AS-P/DP fan.

Also, if they even have Lorelei be upset with Luke because he has a daughter, that is ridiculous. She has a daughter out of wedlock too, so people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Boo to them if they go with that story line. BOO TO THEM.

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Katie said...

Ha ha the first thing I thought was "Meghan has that sweatshirt!"

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Meghan...I think you might be the only one who understands my Gilmore obsession...and REALLY?? Are they cancelling Related...because I like that show too!! (Though the youngest sister gets on my nerves! I hate her voice!!) Such a sad day for the WB!! I love that you have the same shirt as Lorelai-it just proves what a fan you are!!

Nancy...thanks for the compliments...and keep watching Gilmore's on the family channel (which you don't have so nevermind) at 10:30 am and 5pm M-F, and regularly on the WB at 8pm on Tuesdays. I also have DVD's that I will be able to let you borrow...possibly;) AND most of my DVR is Gilmore (pitiful). I'm a big fan of NBC shows as well-I'm loving both Apprentices right now...Martha's is so ridiculous...I even have a fantasy team for her show!! HAHA.

I may require a "television intervention."

At 4:21 PM, Anonymous mko529 said...

yeah, I heard they gave it 5 more episodes to give it one more try, but if ratings don't go up, Related is gone in January.

Can I just say the 2nd youngest (the one who is sleeping with her boss' boyfriend) has to worst haircut on the planet? Did you see it Monday night? It looks like Mullett that is trying to be grown out. pitiful

At 4:51 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

I have never seen the Martha apprentice. That's my pub quiz night with Gene and the gals. Can't comment there, but I bet it is priceless! Go Trump!!

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Did you know the second youngest was Cady's friend (the goth one) in Mean Girls?!?! She's completely different...but not...she just looks different. I haven't seen it yet this week...I'm dying to see the mullett now!!

Nance, sorry you missed Martha...I can't believe it's getting's hilarious...well, that's probably why!!


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