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There aren't a lot of people out there better than Will Ferrell, especially to play a lummox of an elf. "Buddy" snuck into Santa's satchel at an orphanage, and was then raised by elves in the North Pole. Strangely enough, Buddy is HUGE, but is too naive to understand that he's not actually a "natural elf." He goes to New York City to find his dad, and Christmas shenanigans ensue.

This is a relatively new movie, only made in 2003...but has been one of my favorites since the first time I saw it. Peggy actually got mad because I was laughing too loud at the theater. Will Ferrell is just such a goof...from his ridiculous yellow tights, to the Mike Brady-like permed wig he dons. His style of comedy is perfect for this part because it's just so ridiculous to see this huge guy trying to make toys and drinking gallons of maple syrup on spaghetti.

Of course there is the usual Christmas plot twist where it depends on how much people "believe in Santa" to have a happy ending...but it's totally worth the shmultz (and goodness knows I love the shmultz at Christmas) just to enjoy Will Ferrell in one of his only good movies since he left SNL. Old School came out the same year, and he's done some bit parts in other movies that he's mostly uncredited for...but those end up being the best he's done. Yeah, I just went over his resume since leaving SNL, and I stand by the original statement.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

I will have to rent this, I heard good things about it and John LOVES Anchorman so I will have to see it.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Mo said...

You totally's hilarious...James Caan is the dad...John will get a huge kick out of it:)

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Drew said...

Did you know that Will Ferrell will be the voice of the man in the yellow hat in the curious george movie?

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Mo said...

is curious george live action or animated? he's done a movie before with a monkey...remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike back???

At 12:26 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

its a toss up as to who will be the voice of Curious George. It's down to James Earl Jones, Barry Williams, or Jerry Springer

At 2:25 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine was shunned by her close circle of friends because she admitted to hating the English Patient? Well, I am sure to risk similar shunning by you, Reesie, and all you devoted readers, but I HATE WILL FERRELL!!! My passionate hatred of him began when a colleague of mine went on endlessly about how funny his "Old School" movie was. I love stupid comedy films, so I rented it. It was, hands down, the worst, most unfunny thing I'd ever seend. Since then, all WF movies I have seen have done nothing but disappoint. Sorry, Reesie. I I a real American? I hate Wal-Mart and Will Ferrell. Somebody come take my passport away and deport me.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Mo said...

Nancy!! I think you were out of the country too long!! You know what...we'll have to watch elf together...I know you'll like it...just seeing WF as a big buffoon might change your mind. Old School was definitley funny too! I liked it much better the fifteenth time I saw it...I'll have to tutor you!!


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