Maggie has joined up!!

Alright chicas and...well, boys...My good pal Marguerite has conformed...she come to the dark side and joined the new era of blogging!! It's priceless to me because with our work hours being completely different now, we can't seem to catch up properly...and if this is the only way I can hear from her go postal on collection agencies and stupid people in the way that only Maggie can...then I'll treasure it!! Wait until we go on our next vacation and you have to read about those stories...I can't wait!!

At any rate, I loved the last entry because it honestly directly hits many sore spots of contention that I agree with, suffer from, and am currently trying to correct. I have to be a little more organizational...Christ help me! But check out
her's linked on the side and several times in this post, so to say you can't find it is NO excuse!! And check out my cousin Nancy's blog again and again...both blogs are really just babies...but Nancy has been experimenting with photos and such and I think you'll enjoy the new look!!


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Maggie said...


Thanks for the plug! We will have to do some cross promotion; I just have to "announce" my blog... not that anyone wants to read it what I have to say about things... But really; I appreciate that you dedicated an entire post to lil 'ol me. It means the world! And I even get a link... now that is cool - more cool because I don't know how to do it yet!! I will begin to dabble in photos this week once I figure that out too... Anyways, thanks again for the wonderful promotion of my blog. :)



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