"Careful of the icy patch!"

"On the third day of Mo's Christmas Special-a-day Bonanza Mo gave to me..."The Muppet Family Christmas." Not a lot of people know about this movie that was actually a Christmas special years ago. The premise basically is all of the classic Muppets need a place to get together for Christmas and they end up at Fozzie's mother's house. The plot twists and turns as Fozzie's mother has rented out the house and is leaving for vacation...meanwhile she ends up having to entertain just about every Jim Henson creature ever created...including the Fraggles and our old friends from Sesame Street. It's like my Nana's house at Thanksgiving! Fozzie even creates a stand-up act with a snowman. Of course Miss Piggy has to make a grand entrance as she's lost in a snow storm...and she has an encounter with a mink named aptly, Maureen:) This was also one of the first times we got a glimpse of "The Muppet Babies" via old home movies.

The quote I listed was that of Fozzie's mom as everyone entered the house. Funny story, for some reason it became a catch phraze in our house. One year we were searching for a Christmas tree in one of those mall side lots and it was FREEZING cold. My dad says "careful of the icy patch!" I start to laugh thinking he's just quoting the, he was giving a fatherly warning...that I ignored...and ended up falling on my ass. Deeee-lightful.

I'm pretty sure this is available on video, possibly DVD. I'm having a hard time tracking down my Christmas movies from the fact I caved and purchased the Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas on DVD last night. It's a future entry into my "Christmas Movie-a-day" insanity and I required it for research (allegedly due to Disney owning the Muppets and all things Kermit they have cut all his scenes as the narrator...very uncool.)

So enjoy Muppet Family Christmas , (that link will get you to the amazon site where you can purchase it from other sellers if you are so inclined), and be prepared for more Muppet Christmas goodness in the future days...


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

You had better not forget Emmit Otters Jugband Christmas.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Mo said...

I promise I won't...I want to give it the attention it deserves and I fear that the blog doesn't get a lot of weekend traffic...we're watching it tomorrow when we decorate the tree. :)

At 10:56 PM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

I have this soundtrack. When I put up my christmas branch, I will listen to it and sing about figgy pudding.


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