Thank Goodness for Video Cameras...and good friends!!

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to the now annual "Dick's Christmas Bash." Dick, just so you know is not a person...believe it or not it's a "term of endearment" that I,along with my buddies Kim and Linda, signify each other with. Ridiculousness is a way of life for us...a way of life I'm happy to lead with them by my side!!

Kim I have literally known since I was a toddler. Her family has a cottage at Nantasket Beach, and sat relatively close to where my own family took space in the sand. Legend has it that when I was playing on the beach one day I was completely entranced with Kim as a baby. Our families started sitting together in "the circle," and Kim and I have been pals ever since. She, and only she, is actually the one responsible for my obsession with boy bands. Blame her because she was the one who introduced me to New Kids on the Block (not literally, but we did go to all of their houses once and if I could I would show you the pictures because they are worth seeing for the hairstyles alone!!) who became my pathway into loving *NSync. She literally has been there for me at every moment of my life when I needed her...and moments in my life when I didn't!! Ha! She even went to Saint A's for a few years, but was smart and got out before she got sucked in like I did! I've known Kim longer than my brother has been alive...kind of weird...but how cool is that? Not many people can say that they are blessed with long standing friendships, especially at my age (29.1). I know it will continue though because like normal people (which I'm totally not) we've had our bumps in the road...but we've remained friends through all of the nonsense.Awww...Kimmy, you're such a dick:)

I met Linda at Saint A's, and is really one of the few reasons I am proud to be associated with the place at all. (Bitter much, Mo?) At any rate, I believe that she was actually my neighbor (before I moved into the single because my roommate REAKED). This was her freshman year, and my junior...the year before I became an RA. Our favorite pasttimes were playing cards, inventing drinks (IKY), and terrorizing the RA's. When I had graduated and was living in a house with some others, I hadn't seen Linda for a very long time. It turned out she was in the class of one of my roommates and we got in touch. Best phone call I ever got:) Not too long after that I became an RD and she basically lived in Saint Mary's again with me. We played cards (Skip-Bo)...A LOT that year. There were days when she'd come over in the morning after class and we'd play until lunch...go to the CS for some tuna melts...go back and play cards until 6 or 7...go back to the CS for dinner...and back to the lounge for more cards. I don't know how she graduated because we were playing cards her entire senior year! Linda is without a doubt the funniest friend I have in the world. Aside from her humor (and BareMinerals!!), she has also showed me that girls can be friends without competition! Seriously attention!! Linda is an unbelievable inspiration to me, and here's why. In the past few years she has lost a phenominal amount of weight-and she obviously changed physically, but never mentally. To this day she remains the most genuine, supportive, and honest person I know. Yeah, can you believe it?!?! She should be in the Guinness Book of World Records because she might be the only person to achieve such a triumph!

I have shared more laughs and tears... and tears caused by laughs with these two dicks than anyone I know. Granted Kim is a cheater because she's known me longer! I am truly blessed to know them. Haha...jealous?!

This weekend was so much fun...and I truly needed some fun!! I hate after I've seen them because I just want to spend more time with them...but it just makes the next time more special and more I guess it's a wash:) Plus I have the memory of this weekend (including Kim dancing to New Kids, Linda teaching Kim to dance, warnings about "Ice of color," photoshoots, learning the results of thai food on Kim) all on video tape!

PS-I don't know how it happened...but I'm sorry this turned into a "Very Special Episode of Blossom" but sometimes praise just has to be given...even if the recipients are dicks;)


At 8:31 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

screw the touching stories, let's talk about the larg vesself of hooch visible in every photo!


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