Lifetime Movie Alert...with a 'twist" of Guiding Light

This is awesome, I see this awful movie every year called "Borrowed Hearts"...and rather than turn the channel I watch the whole thing. I swear to God, Lifetime television waves actually contain nicotene.

So this movie has a ton of semi-popular actors...including Will & Grace's Eric McCormack with a mullet. Perhaps that's why I watch. The premise is he's the lonely bachelor who is too busy with work for a family. She (Roma Downey from Touched by an Angel sans Irish brogue) is the single mother trying to make a nice life for her daughter. Enter plot twist...

(***Mo, what does this have to do with Guiding Light?? Don't worry...I'm getting there!!)

So, the rich guy wants to do business with Hector Elizando, but good ol' Eli would rather do business with someone who has a family. Enter the Guiding Light reference!! The rich guy's right hand man is played by Shawn Thompson who played Simon on Guiding Light!! Remember he was the magician who could read things upside down and faked being a Spaulding?! He was also in the movie Hairspray as Corney Collins the tv show host...thus the picture of the scene from Hairspray!! I think my cousins and probably my sister will know the reference as when we were young it was pretty much family tradition to watch The Guiding Light...I think Liz even still tapes it!! I just thought about friggin Francine Fishpaw and Polyester too because of the Hairspray connection...oh my God...CUDDLES!!! "Purr Francine. Purr, purr Francine!" No wonder I can't NOT watch this movie!!

So at any rate, like anyone cares now...Guiding Light guy convinces Mullet Will to "hire" a family...he snags Roma and her kid...Elizando has to stay with the family over Christmas for some reason...turns out he's a Christmas Angel and Roma and Mullet Will become a real family and live happily ever after...on Lifetime Television.

The End.


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

Unfortunatley I was probably in diapers when Simon was on guiding light, so I don't remember that character, but yes, I do indeed tape it everyday and watch it. Our greatgranparents used to listen to it on the radio, so I feel I should keep up the family tradition. If you look at some of the new shows at night on tv you will find quite a few of the Guiding light charters have moved onto night time tv. Hart is on one of the CSI's. I know I have seen several others, but it is too early in the morning to remember where.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

That is so sad that Fwiz records the Guiding Light every day. Not only does she do it, but then she admits it for the world to read. Fwiz, you have some issues, girl! Anyway, I have to tell you that as I was settling in to read this entry, I went straight for the text and really didn't focus too much on the picture. When, however, you mention "Will and Grace's Erick McCormack with a mullet" I obviously cast my glance up toward the picture to have a closer look. I laughed out loud. Not only because he does actually have the mullet, but because he's all cut out and superimposed on the background, with the cheap white lines around his body. Christ, how low budget is this movie???
Reesie, you have to find a hobby..something to do the next time this show comes on the air. By next Christmas I want you knitting or doing Macramay (like the daughter in Polyesther) so that you can turn the TV off and knit a nice sweater for your brother, Dexter, the Foot Stomper!!

At 1:12 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

I love the refrence to Polyester which I own, thank you very much. Mo- whenyou come down, lets celebrate the holiday season with Francine Fishpaw!!


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