Psycho Weekend

OK-So last week with the snow was hideous and I really had some good plans that I ended up having to forfeit due to snow and exhaustion!

Friday I was supposed to go to Manch-Vegas and see some old pals (and it turns out I was supposed to go to my cousin Gretchen's which I thought was on Saturday! Woo-hoo double booking!!), but alas the snow was fierce and unfriendly and therefore I stayed home and watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie, which, as a fan of the television show, I have to say was not only a huge disappointment, but unneccessarily vulgar and completely un-funny. In no way did it resemble the original series, it just stole key character names and the use of the General Lee. I'm pissed that I actually spent money and time watching it. If you have not punished yourself and watched it already...please don't even waste time thinking about the possibility of watching garbage.

Saturday I thought I would take it easy and do some shopping and whatnot. I brought Peggy to get her hair cut and the woman took TWO FRIGGING hours!! We walked in at 10 and walked out at horseshit. The best part was I still had to go back for MY appointment a few hours later! So I ended up running a few errands, and then making my way back to Casa de Tarpey at 5pm!! We left the house at 9 flipping 15! So much for an easy day. Oh, and no shopping was done except for my annual winter wiper blade shop...the sad thing is that it really does bring me great idea's like having the first dip in a jar of peanut butter...I love new blades. Wow, I really need a hobby. So I went to dinner with the family, and we all took a ride through town to see the Christmas lights. The Faco family does Christmas...priceless. I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith with the evil pairing of Angie Jolie and Bradford Pitt. I wanted to hate it...I really did..sorry Jenny was actually pretty decent. A little predictable at times...but I admit that I enjoy gazing upon Pitt for hours...that makes it worth it:)

Sunday, I was supposed to go to Maggie's for her Pampered Chef Open House, but bailed days before in a fit of exhaustion and such. Mary conned me into shopping since I didn't do it the day before. We hit my mother and sister Wal-Mart is Mecca. You drive by and their eyes light up...I swear my sister froths a little at the mouth. No matter what degenerate neighborhood we're in...they see those blue and gray walls and it's holier than church. I'm a Target girl myself...but I don't salivate over it. The trip was unsuccessful in that I didn't get what I went there for...but did pick up a few things I "needed" and managed to drop 30 bills. There you go're killing me.

Oh, and I know today is Monday and it's not the weekend...but I really wish you could have seen me stuck in a snow bank this afternoon after my bank run. I ended up under the car trying to push snow out from underneath the tires...thank God my office is a sauna because I was drenched. Don't ask me how I got in the snow bank by the way, just know that Friday I had to be helped out by facilities...and the same guy helped me today and just laughed at me. Happy freaking Monday!


At 9:50 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Jesus, I hate Wal-Mart. I have only ever been in two of them in my entire life. Believe it or not, one of those occasions was in Germany. I heard that a Wal-Mart had opened just outside of Hannover, where I lived. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got on the train and took a little trip to the Mart. I walked in and was completely unimpressed. I was in there for a total of about three seconds and couldn't deal with it. Do they have groceries in the Wal-Marts here? They did at the one I went to in Germany. German supermarkets are usually beautiful, but this place was so gross. Rotting lettuce, unrefrigerated yogurt and eggs...I saw it all. (Actually, though, the unrefrigerated dairy thing is kind of a "Euro" thing, so I can't let Wal-Mart take the blame alone). My second trip to Wal-Mart took place here in the US, about a year ago. I was with Lauren and Al. We walked into the place and I couldn't wait to get out. What's with the commercials showing the stores all shiney and happy? This place was a dungeon. Nothing more than a dank, disgusting warehouse. What really bothered me was the sight of the 98 year-old cashiers, hobbling around their register areas, and being reprimanded by their bosses if they relaxed or used thier canes to get around. "Everybody is chipper at energetic at Wal-Mart." I don't know, it just kind of got to me. I can't get into that place. Also, if you read "Nickle and Dimed" you'd never want to give that place another penny of your earnings again. I'm all about Target!

At 4:17 PM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

Don't forget to mention that when Mom and Dad go to Hawaii, Walmart is acutally on their itinerary!!!!

At 7:39 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

LOL, Oh my god, Liz is right, it IS on thier Itinerary. It's like, "Let's have a Mai-Tai, attend a Luao, and check out the slashing prices in Walmart, Hawaiian style"


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