The Best One...

Alright, everyone knows the story about the little girl who believes in Santa, but her mother doesn't so she doesn't...and then some guy named Chris Kringle comes into their lives and changes the views and the belief of not only them but all of NYC...

This particular one is my favorite because Dylan McDermott is hot and a lot of fun to look at. The adorable kid from Mrs. Doubtfire is the little girl because she was popular when this was made and had a lisp. What's cuter than a lisp at Christmas? At any rate, this poor kid hasn't been seen since...she probably still has the lisp and that's the problem. It's not so cute at the age of 25.

It's still a great story, and I still cry (I do a lot of that with this crap) every time Santa speaks to the deaf girl in sign language. If you have to watch a Miracle on 34th St. you might as well see this one, as I said earlier...Dylan McDermott...yum!

Off to play with the kiddies!! It will be a late post tomorrow...but I resolve there WILL be one!! Stay tuned jerkies!!


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous LizFwiz said...

This movie was indeed beautiful. It meant so much to me. We all know that one of Rich's favorite songs was from this soundtrack and would play it over and over and over. So if you have the chance please listen to "A song for a Winters Night," by Sarah Mclachlan. If you have instant messanger, I can send the song to you. AOL screen name, azile1977

At 4:19 PM, Blogger JoviFan said...

Who the hell is the actress (the mother of the little girl) in this film? I agree that Dylan McDermott is nice eye candy!

At 5:55 PM, Blogger lms129 said...

The actress in this film is Elizabeth Perkins. The only reason I know this is not because of her amazing acting talents but only because she was in "Moonlight and Valentino" with my man, Jon Bon Jovi, in 1995.


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