Turkey day/weekend breakdown...

She looks so sad in this picture...5 minutes before she was all giddy...I swear!!

And it only took me 6 days!

This holiday was pretty low-key...severely different from last year...but in a good way. This picture of my cousin should say it all...
Several tried to get me to partake in the vino...but I politely declined. I think the rain just kind of made everyone a lot less animated than usual. The fiesta de turkey at Nana's was a LOT more subdued, save the tireless comments about the "blessed cornbread." Apparently most of the guests had a jolly ol' time at the local brew house the night before, so there wasn't a huge appetite for the booze Thanksgiving day. It was actually kind of refreshing:) But as the mantra of any Sox fan goes..."there's always NEXT year!"

The second part of the day was at my Aunt Julie and Uncle Paul's house. Caroline is SO funny...seriously, the kid should do stand up...she doesn't talk a lot...but her expressions are priceless! I pretty darn positive she'd do a lot better than Kramer at the Laugh Factory...and no chance of racial epithets because, again, not really talking a lot...and way too sweet! When I first walked into the house, Allison started jumping up and down and gave me a "big hug!" Caroline kind of mosied over...and then put her arms up like "fine...I'll hug you too...whatever...I have things to do." Then she busted out in a huge smile...I love this kid!!

The rest of the evening consisted of the traditional turkey sandwich and pie buffet. Bobby received huge accolades for his "precise carving of the cheesecake." Apparently, he's a cheesecake cutting guru...who knew? I mean, I've been proud of him for a long could I not be...but now he has a whole new fan club for this talent he's been hiding all his life. Imagine if it had been discovered earlier? He could be in a whole different line of work. Forget MLB and all that...he could be a Professional Master Cheesecake carver. Mad props Bobby boy! Ha:)

Finally, it had been decided that I would join my cousins Julie and Karen the following morning for a day of "Black Friday" shopping. I haven't done this in years-and truthfully...I didn't need anything this year...I just get a kick out of watching. That sounds wrong...very wrong. So after making a game plan and searching through the piles of "Black Friday" flyers...we made our way to their apartment to "go to bed early." That apparently translates to 12:30 am with a 4 am wake-up call. Needless to say...everything that occurred on "Black Friday" put me into a fit of laughter. The good kind...that uncontrollable, tears streaming down your face, can't hardly breathe, can't utter words in any sort of comprehensible manner kind of laughter. It was a great day!

We started out at Best Buy...hilarious. Julie was very concerned we wouldn't get in to purchase the Justin Timberlake cd for $5.99. The flyer claimed the stores had a limited amount, and SURELY everyone in line ahead of us was in it for Justin. He DID single handedly bring sexy I can't argue the point. Bless him! Anyhoo...we were able to secure 2 copies. Later, upon examination, we realized that both copies had broken cases. We tried to "Justify" (ha) it...that we wouldn't even look at the cases...but it would haunt us I got out of the line I'd been in for about an hour to search out some better ones. I was extremely lucky and found two unblemished copies just around the corner. PS-my case has been in my back seat since I opened the thing...haven't glanced at it once...but just knowing there are no broken pieces gives me peace. Moving on...I also got some DVD's for Peggy, and a few things for myself...but managed to spend less than 20 bucks. Totally worth it though. Julie and Karen got digital video cameras, and that's why we were in "the long line." We made friends with other members of the line...and raised our hands in fury when some Cambhodian woman and her family tried to cut...feigning that they didn't understand English...or the concept of "the line." Meanwhile, she'd tried to cut in earlier and was told by the angry mob where the line began...nice try sweetie. I like "Black Friday" for it's comical moments:)

We moved on to Target which wasn't offering anything spectacular...I just like Target. A lot! I managed to spend about 80 bucks in there. I bought things for Peggy...again...and for myself. I won't lie. They were good deals-and as Julie said "no one else is going to buy it for me!" It's true! So I treated myself to a nice new DVD player, and a NICE giant microfiber blanket...very soft...but I'm not pleased with the static electricity content. Seriously, the other night I was doing the flip it in the air motion to put it on the bed and it actually HURT to do it. It's worth the pain for the warmth factor though. I'll brave through it! Here's the kicker...I also found the movie "Elf," starring Will Ferrell for an astounding $5.98. How could I not buy it? Granted, I said I was going to anyway...but I'm pleased it was such a good deal:) That movie is really one of my was on a few weeks ago and it just gets funnier every time. Laughing is good for I feel that purchasing yet another thing for myself is just an investment in my health.

We walked to Friendly's and got some breakfast. I only bring this up because the waitress was named Maureen and was shaking so hard that she spilled Orange juice and coffee all over the table. And she had the "shakes" because she was old...not from drugs...though I don't know her personally, so I really can't make a sound judgment on the fact. It was comical mean! Mostly because when she put the check on the table, and it said "Maureen" I got weirded out and looked at my cousins and asked "How did she know?" So sad. Meanwhile, it was only about 7:30 am at this point.

We made our way to Kohl's (my new favorite store), and I managed to purchase gifts for people other than my selfish self! We also hit the mall - I needed to get to Sephora because, well, I have a habit. I'm addicted to a particular kind of make-up...which is all well and good...but I can only get it a) from the company 2) from QVC and d) from Sephora. So, living in Maine...there aren't a great deal of Sephora stores randomly located in the woods. I think they should put in a store in the "ville"...but maybe that's just me. Anyhow...I gave myself a limit in that store...and told my cousin Karen she could punch me in the neck if I exceeded it. Happily, I went neck punch free coming in at $9 under my self imposed limit! Crisis...and pain...averted. We walked around the mall a little...hit Bath and Body works for their accosted by a cell phone salesman...and tried on some fake hair at the fake hair kiosk. That was an experience, I really do wish I had pictures. First of all...I barely brushed my hair that morning...nevermind getting it do look in any way, shape, or form...half decent. Literally, I wet it...threw in a headband that kept moving...and hit the rest with a ponytail. The "lady" at the kiosk actually found a fake hair ponytail that resembled my color...and went to town. In a mere 5 minutes she had me looking like I was going to the ball to wrangle a Prince. Somehow sanity got the best of me and I decided NOT to purchase the "whig" for 70 bones. I told the lady I had to go to the was a lie obviously, and she knew it too...the disappointment on her face was pretty sad. I was almost tempted to go back...but then I got distracted by the Disney Store and all was right with the world again. She's probably still waiting...alone in the dark mall...for that red head girl who said she'd be back. Miserable.

At some point we finally headed back to Julie and Karen's apartment. I had long since decided not to return to Maine...which was probably for the best because I was so overtired the giggles took over...and when I started, I just could NOT stop. We watched "America's Next Top Model," which truthfully I have never seen. Now, I will never miss is voraciously funny and I can't believe I've never indulged! Even funnier is the fact that my 4 year old cousin Brier says it's her favorite show! Apparently she got mad when the person she liked didn't win and she cried and cried for hours! Poor thing! This season she says "you really can't like anybody." Too funny:)

So I will end now...I know you have to run off and read the latest about Matt Lauer's new kid, or the Rosie/Kelly/Clay Aiken I won't keep you! Happy day:)



At 8:12 AM, Blogger Juanita J. Sanchez said...

Nice recap! Almost makes me wish I had gotten up at 4:00 am to shop. Nah. What is this Sephora you speak of? Worth checking out when and if it comes to KC? Hmmm.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Allison said...

Sephora is a makeup lovers Nirvana - TONS of makeup! Especially Mo's and My new favorite brand, Bare Escentuals. It's pure goodness.

Speaking of BE, Mo, I know I shouldn't be sharing this info - and your wallet or credit cards can beat me up the next time that I see you - but you can find TONS of BE on eBay. Seriously - sample sizes for just a few bucks to full sizes for a little cheaper than the Q or boutiques on occasion. It's goodness. Sheer joy, I swear it!

Now I'm hiding so you don't beat me up over this new info! ;-)

When are you visiting us?? You come to MA to see your family, but not me and drewbie? I'm hurt. I think we're in a fight!

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the infamous words of Miss J. , "HEEEEEEEEEY!"

I think Karen has some wig pictures. We just have to figure out how to get them off her phone. I need directions.

Oh! Did you watch the show last night? Both twins down the drain!

Oh, by the way, Timberlake is still on my floor waiting to be opened. So are the other cd's I bought.

At 7:50 AM, Blogger JoviFan said...

The twins were eliminated? I'm surprised. I have seen that show in bits and spurts this season, having never seen it before. To be honest, I'm not sure what night or what channel its on, but occasionally I happen upon it and watch.
Anyway, sounds like fun.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Drew said...

Hey Mo, I did visit the BE shop at the Mall of America, I think I would have gotten arressted taking pictures in there. Or at least on the sex pervert's facebook. Geeze man.

At 12:19 AM, Blogger Mo said...

Drewbie...come and Ken have graced the front cover of the sex pervert's facebook for years. Remember the picture with the marionettes? So creepy.

Anyhoo...I find it abhorrant and cruel no pictures were taken. I want to hear all about it though...I hope you treated your wife to some lovely gifts from said establishment!


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